Online meetings help please

Hi just looking for advice. I’ve just added skype to my android phone so that I can access aa meetings online. I am completely new to both Skype and AA meetings. Have finally realised willpower alone just isn’t doing it! So my question is, how does this all work? I’ve said hi and am waiting to be added. Do I then search for a meeting, how do I ensure video is turned off as that is what they advise to do? I’m in the UK not sure if that makes a difference? Can I just listen to begin with or do I have to speak? How do I speak if I want to? Possibly stupid questions but I’m very new to all this and quite nervous. :flushed: Thanks.


There’s nothing stupid there I’ve tagged you on another thread for online meetings you can just listen you do not need to speak and you can turn your camera on or off


Great thank you.

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