Only 27 days sober and lost my dream job today of no fault of my own and likely anyone else's either


The FMLA is a bazillion pages long so I can’t be positive, but generally is used for medical issues. However, it could be discrimination to force someone out based on having a family (or not having a family).


I’ve been working on my resume for 7 hours… I haven’t had to do this in forever… I’m agonizing over every word. I’m finding it hard to “sell myself.” @Englishd @Kareness @MrsJones @Frank68

Made it to 30 days sober though…


I found myself having to update my resume after years. Not an easy thing to do. Trailer each resume to the job your applying for if you need to. Since different jobs have different requirements you want to show them you have the skills.

I have interviewed many people over the years. The interview is where you really get to sell yourself. You need to be yourself first and foremost. That is the only way you’ll know if you click with the boss. Remember that you are interviewing them as well. You may find the job isn’t for you and that’s ok. Practice a few mock interviews so you feel comfortable about talking about yourself.


Absolutely, I’ve been on the other side of the table in the last 3 years I’ve conducted about 400 interviews hired like 40 people and fired about 15 lol so I totally understand the process.

I think its hard for me to summarize all I’ve done at my last job because I’m still heartbroken I’m not there.

Plus its hard to to get how awesome I am down to one page lol

I’m also a little scared because of all the jobs I’ve ever interviewed for I’ve only ever NOT gotten 1 and it wasn’t even one I wanted. It’s a little scary to put yourself out there.


Thank you @Frank68 @Englishd @Kareness @MrsJones @Mercury_Sufal @TracyLeigh @Just4Today @Caleb1 @Hope0110 for all your encouragement. I have my 1st job interview at 9am on Friday. :hugs: if all goes well in the next few weeks I’ll be able to pocket the majority of my severance package which would be nice.


I am SO HAPPY for you!! You’re are a lil’ dynamo :hugs: Wish you so much luck & hope you love them (I know they’ll love you) :+1:t3::raised_hands:t3::clap:t3:


Awesome!!! You got this!!


You are a go getter!! Wow :blush:!!! Good luck on Friday although I doubt you’ll need it-you are very prepared!


Fantastic!! I’ll send good vibes your way. Stay strong sister!


Those people are just plain dicks. Its tough to switch jobs but u dont want to stay and work with such dickheaded people.


I knew it wouldn’t take you long! If you wanna move to Syracuse we come definitely use you where I work.


Yay!! I was thinking about you today. I’m so glad to hear that things are starting to look up! Keep us posted on the interview process and good luck tomorrow morning!!


Can’t wait to here how it went


You should be in there right now, killing it!


Lol I’m sitting in my car because I’m 45 min early. Good news is the commute isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Go get em! You got this.


Good luck girl!!


This doesn’t sound right… I’d almost talk with a lawyer


duh - I forgot you were in CA… you’ll still kill it. Now, I think you are in there do so!


Thank everyone for the well wishes! I killed it, they offered me the job on the spot, with my pick of which classroom I work in.