Only 27 days sober and lost my dream job today of no fault of my own and likely anyone else's either


Ball is in my court now.




It’s sketchy for sure. But I dont need the stress of taking on such a financially well backed company.


Omg!! Congratulations!! I was sending some positive vibes your way this morning. I hope this new opportunity ends up being even better than your previous role!


Yayyy!!! Congrats!!! Knew youd nail it!


Yeahhhhhh! Congratulations, Jen! :+1:


Wow .well done !!!
Nailed that!


Sadly though it was the first time I really felt like drinking in the last 36 days. The booze was whispering in my ear “you did a great job! You should celebrate.”

I stayed strong though don’t worry, no resets yet. I went to our local communities food truck night instead.


Congratz!!! That is awesome about the job.

I know about thoughts turning to drinking. I get the let’s celebrate thought from time to time. Like you I’m smart enough to remember that is not a good idea lol


Aaahhhh I am SO happy for you! Congratulations, you earned this job, they are so lucky to have you!


Congratulations!! I hope it’s a good, fresh start for you!


3 interviews today, wish me luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Knock 'em dead! :muscle:

(But… Not literally. That usually makes a bad first impression.)


More interviews!! Yay! What happened w the other offer?


It’s still on the table


Holding out for something special? It’s great if you’re shopping around. It’s so easy to jump on the first offer when there may be a better fit hiding out there.

Also, how are you finding/applying? I think I’ve exhausted Indeed. :-/


Indeed, glassdoor, careerbuilder, edjoin (only for schools and mostly just California) your state, county, and city should have job postings… what field are you in?


I’m so excited that you have so many options! What an awesome thing to come out of a really heartbreaking situation!


I also recommend always using a personalized cover letter and making sure it and you look as professional as possible, but make something about them stand out. Like today I wore red heels…


Unfortunately I’m a physicist in a pretty specialized field. So the well isn’t very deep anywhere I look, even while I’m trying to make a sidestep to industry. The latter thing is the hard part.

Congrats on coming out of the gate so strong! Will be excited to hear where you land. Anything exciting today?