Only 27 days sober and lost my dream job today of no fault of my own and likely anyone else's either


I LOVE special heels for special days! How did your three interviews go??


Lovely, everyone wants to employ me. I’m like this rare social work/ nonprofit/ experience working with under served populations gem. Lol. First I was stressed about leaving Meristem and moving on, then I was stressed about finding another job, now I’m stressed about which of the billion jobs to take!

I have not been to an interview where I wasn’t offered the job on the spot. I have lots of things to consider and they all have different weights to them. I’m gonna have to come up with another spreadsheet haha pros and cons…

Things that matter

Benifits (individual or family)
Can I help drop a kid off to school on my way to work?
Stress level
Work/ life balance
Can I wear my pretty dresses and high heels?
Misc. Perks
How long is the commute?


Isn’t it so funny how we can find stress in the “good problems”? I’m kinda dealing with that myself as I try to move out of my current role to escape my crazy boss. I have three really solid leads going and I don’t want to disappoint anyone that’s sticking their neck out for me or trying to get me to come on board.

I love the idea of another spreadsheet! The list you have going looks really good. What is your gut telling you? Are there any that you feel really strongly about instinctively?


Theres nothing with a healthy dose of perfectionism and a side order of OCD - my niece bought me a label making machine for Christmas - I was in HEAVEN :grin::grin::grin:


Oh I remember my first label maker…


I officially have ‘label maker envy’!!! That’s it, if anyone needs me I’ll be on amazon prime - the swishy US label maker category!!!



I think I have landed on a job. I’m like 95% sure I am going to accept this one. I’m scheduled to start at the beginning of September.

I am going back to school part time pursuing a bachelors in health science with an emphasis on community and public health.

I’m finally sober but now that California has passed a law legalizing marijuana nobody is drug testing anymore… lol


Heck yeah! Congratulations and sure you will make the most of it as you have been your sobriety. :vulcan_salute:


Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that you have your decision. And that is really ironic about the timing!


I hope you.feel better today. How about all the good job you have done? All the people you have helped during this years? All the skills you have developed? You don’t only loose a job but you have a richness in you that no one can steal. I pray you will find a better job to help your family.
After a door is closed a door is open