Opinions about my one year anniversary


Sounds like a very enjoyable time.


Celebrations are for everyone to show that sobriety is possible. So at least do an online one for us!


That sounds like the perfect celebration - in a galaxy far, far away from press on nails, cows, llamas, knife fights and phone booths.

Congratulations to you, @Modestakieran! You celebrate any damn way you want.


As long as you don’t discriminate against goats


Never, pal. Goats are welcome at my table anytime!


You and @Gabe.G with the pal. One of my best friends from school called everyone pal. It’s great


HAHAHAHAHA I don’t know what’s going on, but I think I like it! Lol


So a couple months back drama llama made a few appearances on this forum but @DowntroddenGoat was able to beat it back with his super goat strength.


Haha Haha there ain’t no no for no drama llamas. Goats are pretty terrifying, so no doubt that helped lol


Yes, I will. It will be a “celebrate however the hell you want” kinda thing.


You don’t get out much do you?


Ha. My wife and her sisters all called eachother “Pal”. So over the years I have picked it up. It always reminds me of old Loony Tunes cartoons


Heres my thing, I dont go to social events I dont want to. And you shouldn’t either. It’s your day and you shouldn’t be forced into a party you dont want to go to. If YOU want to have a party and invite your colleagues go for it. Send out an email telling everyone you’re sorry but the plans have changed and give them the new details. The origal party planner can shove her plans right up her ass.


My Granddaddy always called folks ‘pal.’. Sometimes it resurfaces with me❤.


Time to come down with projectile diahrea!..perfect excuse to get out of dinner, no one will be offended…heck…you might get sympathy gifts


Did someone say drama llama?



Call Longhorn and change the reservation. Let your coworkers and all the people you want to party with know that there has been a change in plans. Tell your friend you are the birthday girl and can be a cunt if you want to. She is welcome to not attend if the day that works for you is inconvenient. Take a lesson from Tyler Derden. When she wants to argue tell her “This conversation is over.” And walk away.


Just politely decline. Sounds like a headache you really don’t need.

Remember you have taken back control, it’s one of the greatest gifts of sobriety and we can set our boundaries and stay within them.

If it’s really difficult I’m sure a personal commitment could miraculously appear in your diary.


I would absolutely do the same without hesitation. People get TOLD :joy:


I like your method of dealing with shit lok