Overcoming a craving

I was in a store- and wanted to purchase booze so badly.

I bought candy instead.

I still feel like I want to have a drink but am actively playing the tape through and will take the loss to my diet and eat the candy and stay SOBER oodat


Yum!!! Great choice!!! Proud of you!!


Great choice! One of mine was cake. After avout week to, it hit me what I was doing…but, i kept on eating that cake because it was better than booze


Those are good! My go to is Reese Cups :yum:

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Good choice. Alcohol never did anything good for anyone really.


Awe I love this !!! That is so awesome and so bold you made a great choice and hey just keep doing that same thing one day at a time but seems line your truly on the right track congrats on that again :slight_smile: chat anytime

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I turned to junk food today as well … Well , I kinda went all out today . Today is the date of my good childhood friend who passed away horrifically.

I’m used to “having one for the homie” today and sparking up a joint > which usually just turns into a viscious cycle of drinking and smoking.

But seriously my cravings were off the loose today, so I grabbed a chocolate bar, gummies, chips, and and some sodas . I even treated myself to a steak today.
I did everything to keep myself away from that bottle and cravings . I even talked to my one friend about weed tonight , because he smokes, and it’s running through my head like a rodent on a running wheel…but I got a tummy ache now from the junk food & steak, so time for ginger tea and relaxing in bed. :face_holding_back_tears::sweat_smile:


Thank you for sharing :wink: next time take a photo of your junk food haul! I want to see.


JellyBellys have been my go-to when booze cravings hit.
Candy > alcohol!

I have indulged in candy too, the cravings aren’t too bad but I’m anxious as hell :grimacing: