Overeating in sobriety

Has anyone experienced overeating while sober? I am 48 days sober and find myself eating about every hour or two. Eating healthy though. My thereapist said I am eating because my body is craving nutrients I lost with alcohol.:fork_and_knife::baguette_bread::broccoli::cut_of_meat:


I’m overeating but it’s all the carbs and sugar that are doing me in. I can’t completely relate to overeating healthy foods but I do think our brains need something to replace our DOC for a while. I’m not sure that’s scientific. It’s just how I make sense of things and give myself grace for eating crap I don’t need to be eating.

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Definitely. I’m four stone overweight now. I can’t stand to be in discomfort so if I’m not drinking, I’m eating. I’ve always got some vice which I’m definitely going to quit ‘tomorrow’.

Yeah pretty normal, get that good stuff in. Hell get the chocolate in too, better choice than drinking if you ask me.


Definitely eating more…healthy choices taste great too! No more greasy burgers n stuff to help fight a hangover.

( Replying as I smashed a piece of bunds cake cake though ) lol.


I’ve been baking and bringing the treats to IOP and they are gobbling them up. I love cooking for others and seeing them happy. :cake::slight_smile:


i notice myself overindulging with food and drink when i’m out because i tend to want a sweet treat when everyone else is drinking, or to keep me up late since i’m no longer fueled by alcohol. at first there was weight gain, but now i feel like i’m trimming back down now that i amped up my exercise and not getting those late night calories from beer.

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My therapist at rehab told me that the only things my brain would respond well to at first was food and sex…I gained about 20 pounds and I wont get into the other but somedays I believe I did reset to when I was 18.


I have lost the desire for the other but I love to eat. Lol