Panic attacks now what

Been suffering from some raging panic attacks lately. It is affecting my job. Calling out etc. I have been stringing days of sobriety together… 36, 26, 8, 5, 4, 6 days etc. Looking into SMART recovery lately and recently restarted lexapro 10mg one week ago. The medicine will take about a month to work. I didn’t want to take it because of weight gain and other side effects but now i am just desperate. I just really feel awful. I’m at a point now where when sober i feel like shit so i keep screwing it up (excuses) self medicating, but when i drink i feel no better really. Has anyone else suffered from panic disorder or anxiety at this level? Just worried about my job and future if this continues… any advice is appreciated and welcomed.

It is a very vicious cycle. I used to carry vodka in a water bottle to take at moments when I thought I was about to have panic attacks. I would have attacks and drink way to much to calm down only to have the anxiety start all over again the next day. Have you tried exercise or breathing techniques? I have tried progressive muscle relaxation. Deep breath in and clench your fists and release with deep breath out and you progress throughout your whole body. Be kind to yourself through this. I know it’s hard and scary, but remember it will pass and get easier. Is there someone you find really grounding you can hang out with? I am here if you need to chat. Calm thoughts to you my friend!

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Thanks so much LAD!.. yes i have a super supportive family and boyfriend, but i don’t always want to dump my problems on them… has your anxiety lessened since staying sober i hope? This is just a rough patch and i need to push trough. I am using anxiety it as an excuse to drink too

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I had really good success with the Lexapro for panic and anxiety. It took less than a month to start working for me and I had no side effects. It helped a lot.

I’m not taking it anymore and not experiencing any panic attacks either. I think it helped me equalize my system somehow.

Hopefully you will find it equally as helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to take it again of needed.


And I did find that once I had a good amount of sobriety my anxiety was much less.


My anxiety got better right away but I am still hit with it now and again. I have learned some tools over the years to help. The best thing though is self love and not being hard on myself. Learning to love myself and to stop the self deprecating trance has been a difficult challenge. Please rely on your loved ones especially right now to help you stay sober. Talk on here lots that will also help!

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Thank you both, i really appreciate hearing your thoughts… going to hang in and stay positive. I will be around on here as well… very grateful for this resource :heart:

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this book helped me alot. It’s something that wont ever go away I dont think. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks my whole adult life. The book taught me to view my anxiety differently.

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Thanks Sean, i appreciate the suggestion. I will be checking this out. I’ve always had anxiety, but currently it’s ruining things so any suggestion is key. It’s just odd because i feel like i can’t tell the people i’m working with what i am going through, but at the same time i wish they knew… its like a double life

I used to feel that way, when I finally started telling people, they would either ask what a panic attack felt like or they’d say they have it too. Youd be surprised how many people also battle it. And it made me feel alot better after talking about it. People are generally good, and will understand. I’ve quit jobs over my anxiety before. But it gets easier with age

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