Paranoia Issues

Hello fellow sober folks!

I am having issues with paranoia. I know this can seem to be a mutal feeling, among meth, cocaine and amphetamine users to some degree…

I have been clean before, and i know it will get better, but i dont seem to remember it have been this bad before thou. It is mostly about “people talking, and looking at me when i’m out”

Anyone else who have had these issues in early recovery, or who still struggles with it - and mayve what you guys have done?

The think is, i can’t just sit around at home alle the time, but i “can’t” go out either? :sweat_smile:

Love Jonas :pray:t2:

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How many days do you have? I detoxed from heavy alcohol abuse but the last day I drank I also did some meth. I had pretty bad withdrawals for about 4-5 days, especially at night, where I was having auditory hallucinations. I was hearing voices inside my head and i couldn’t stop it no matter what I tried. I’d be somewhere alone and hear people talking and go look for them. It was pretty scary. I thought I was losing my mind. But it didnt last long. Once I started sleeping better everything else got better too. Maybe just give it some time and really try to convince yourself that it’s not real and its all in your head. That seemed to help for me.

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Yessss!!! I did meth since I was 14 and I call it permanoid- permanently paranoid, well if you were in the game for very long you saw a different reality than most normal ppl will never know about, it’s a freak tastic world out there with plenty of reasons to be paranoid. I can just say try to take it one day at a time and try to make baby steps when it comes to letting ppl close, also we tend to pick the wrong ppl!!! So maybe rely on your high power to guide you toward the right ppl, good luck bruh

Excatly Kelli, also dif it since i was 14 - baby steps :pray:t2: