Part of our responsibility

A huge part of being LGBTQI is being at a gay bar.

It is our safe place

Well you can have long term sobriety and clean time and chose to go out.

Because the alternative is ssiping left or right on possible drug dealers.

Im going to stay clean

But does that mean i cant go to a gay bar because people equals connection

They sell odouls which is non alchololic beer

I believe as long as the noise of “use…use use…” stays away and you stay true to your boundaries life has to be lived.

Its easy to stay at home with the numerous issues surrounding us as a whole and this isnt excuses you have to regain your life as long as you have long term clean time.

If your issue is alcohol you can go out with a sober buddy.

There’s paint and sip …just paint

Theres wine at communion…just nod at it instead

You cant not watch tv without commercials of celebrity cocktails …fast forward or walk out the room

But you can not stop the world from moving just because we get clean and sober

Drano pops up on every show as its bought its way into mainstream society.

Drano is no ones friend so how do we as friends ensure everyone we interact with doesnt use Drano?

Answer is we cant

As a gay man over 12% of all my potential dates will use drano in their lifetimes

All i can do is ensure i dont date them …

We will live in this divide for the rest of our lives.

I no longer like people who drink more then bud lites so that now means 72% are cyt out of my dating pool…

Have you ever done a cost benefit analysis of your dating life vs your sober/clean life?

Well mine consists of 92$ vs 8$ which means my clean time trumps a bit of a bump and grind

With long term clean time I have a duty for myself and now to this community and looks like I will be spending the next 90 days staying home.

Put you first

You will be glad you did

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