Pausing use to save money

Hey guys,
So I started using this because I spent $90 on weed that lasted me like 3 days :joy: The average pot smoker spends about $600/year on weed so sober time says I’ve saved 15¢ so far :joy: I’m also being sober for a bit just to make sure I can do this. I’m not tryna be a pothead/stoner, just enjoy it like once a month. Anyone with similar experiences? :blush:

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I can’t comment on weed use as it’s not my choice of drug, but i presume any problematic use of any substance should be raising alarms… Have you tried cutting down in the past? Also, I’m a little confused by happy emoticons within your post… What’s so funny?

Yeah I’ve stopped completely for long periods of time and then I binge hard for a little while until I use regularly again. I think it’s funny how I smoked $90 worth of good priced weed in like three days and how I’ve only saved 21¢ so far…

What makes you binge?

I don’t usually go through weed that quickly