Pet Peeves Anyone?


All, or almost all customer jokes. Wanna bag? I got one at home. How can I help you…i want a million dollars…blah blah blah…you aren’t original you are an idiot.


Scripted customer service phone calls. We really don’t want to sit on the phone talking with each other all day, so lets skip the BS please.


High noises annoys me: like car’s alarms

  1. When someone finds a basic household problem you know how to fix but that person doesn’t allow you to just fix it because “THEY HAVE TO DO IT”.

  2. “Blatently Obvious” … why not just say “Blatently Blatent” or “Obviously Obvious”…dipshit.

  3. Public nose blowing. Pure filth.

  4. Keep your hands off my knives.

  5. Addressing a negative by first complimenting. Get to the point!

  6. Stupid questions

  7. When someone asks you to do a menial task they could have done themselves. Worse still when theyve gone out of their way to find you to ask you.

  8. Lack of respect, manners (and this may sound like im trying to score points; im not)…Men in the work place being overly familiar/mysoginistic to female colleagues. I fucking hate that… i actually fucking well hate it. I could batter the fucker to death that does this.

I also hate it when people leave the lid off things.


“I don’t mean to be mean, BUT…”
“I am not a racist, BUT…”
“I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings, BUT…”

I have quite a few. However, this one is on my nerves lately. I want to respond, “At first, you didn’t seem like an A-hole, BUT…”


Same. And if someone does call unexpectedly, the least they could do is ask “Is this a good time?” at the start of the conversation, since you were nice enough to even answer the phone (which I rarely do).


One time I think I actually said, “Look I really don’t have a lot of time so can we please skip the formalities?” I know the calls are recorded so I’m always hoping that one of the higher ups will hear it and do away with the stupid scripts.


When there’s 2 pumps open and they don’t forward to the open pump.


How about scratch off tickets for a present? Happy birthday you are a loser! :fearful:


Teenagers. More specifically, the ones in my house! And even worse, grown people doing the shit that teenagers do without the excuse of being a teenager. See previous/above 190 comments :):grinning:


Yessssss!!! This!!! :star_struck:


Oh dear, are you going through The Torture also? They grow out of it eventually so I hear…


Haha I sure am! When they move out maybe??


My teenager behaves better than most of the grown men I’ve known… So I’m not sure it gets any better. :confused:


My son does too. But the other teenager and his father def belong in the other category he spoke of lol.


I know it’s not ripe enough, but still :weary:

I just wanna eat a banana. lol


I’ve done that recently – they don’t taste good! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like ‘em this way lol.


…no you really are just trying to peel it wrong hahaha!


Been ignored for no reason when you have only said a friendly hi. 2 woman do this at my work. I must of smiled and said hello 10 times they blatantly ignore me. Ive now stopped even looking at them.
People who treat you like you dont know your job.
A bad attitude.
(Im having a hard time at work with alot of rude people)