Pet Peeves Anyone?


When y’all ladies take a 20 dollar bill out from your bra, especially on a hot and humid day…bleh


Other people. That pretty much sums it up.


Related: I have a pet peeve on women’s behalf that they keep asking for real pockets in their clothes and the fashion industry goes “nope”. Apparently you’re supposed to carry a purse or stuff it in your bra.


We want pockets!!!


Hahahaha that’s our tiddie pockets :joy::joy::joy:



If you are handing me boob sweat money, you better be Jennifer Anniston…otherwise…put it back.


Jennifer Anniston has ok boob sweat??


LOL excellent point, thanks for making me laugh


Mine comes out of my ass pockets, still can get moist on hot summer days…your welcome! :joy:


Yes…its angelic


Oh ok lol…


People that smoke in there car with the windows up.


Noooooo…I should never be subjected to someone else’s feet in a public space…groooossss. you poor thing. :nauseated_face:


… and with their kids in the backseat.


Hey hey hey, my life growing up as an 80s child. No, doctor, we can’t imagine why she keeps getting chronic bronchitis. It’s a mystery :thinking::roll_eyes:


:grimacing::grimacing: Mine too, minus the bronchitis. I remember going to the nurses office once in 5th grade and the nurse leaned in to smell me and then asked if I smoked :roll_eyes: Yesss… I’m 11 and smoke cigarettes before school :smirk:


Ugh I remember stuff like that. We had show and tell when I was in first grade, I think. I took a stuffed duck. You can’t smell it until you’re away from it, right? I took that duck out of my back pack in class and instantly could smell how gross it was. I shoved it back in there and just told the teacher I didn’t have anything to share.


I wear cargo pants. Loose and comfortable. I can head-kick in them. I can carry lots of stuff, and still have my hands free, to you know, hit things.

My wife seems to think that all those extra pockets should have something in them…her stuff, when we go out. Ladies, why are your wallets 3 times the size of ours? It’s no fun walking with that gigantic wallet in my side pocket. Makes me walk with a limp. Your keys have all those store loyalty card tag things on them. They weigh a ton and are bulky. I always forget to take your lipbalm out of my pocket. It goes through the dryer.

Ladies…wear cargo pants. If someone makes a comment about you wearing them, high-kick them in the head. Your legs should be really strong from carrying that giant wallet in your side-pocket.


Omg this is hillarious. Lots of visuals here. This might be a personal/personal wife problem though… I personally don’t carry a big wallet with my entire life in it and put chapstick on once in the morning :thinking: