Pet Peeves Anyone?


I frreeaakkiinngg love pockets!! My SIL and I got into a “heated” not really, but I totally sided with my niece, discussion about wedding dresses the other day. My niece wanted one with pockets. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but now that I do, I was like, HELL YES, WHITE LACE AND POCKETS!!! SIL does not concur :joy:


I have cargo pants but always get this comment “are you a guy or why are you wearing those pants?” :no_mouth::expressionless:


Here, me! I have a collegue who is 100% immune to every advice I give her. I sometimes feel like in a kindergarden :grin::triumph:


As i get older those random longer ear hairs are truly a pet peeve


That’s when you answer the question with a round-house kick to the head. I can kick the chin of a 6ft tall guy (2 meters) in cargo pants. In jeans maybe square in the chest.

Find a guy who appreciates you in cargo pants. He’s a keeper, because he’s a thinker. He’s thinking “she can kick a guy in the head AND will never ask me to hold her purse.”


Aw man I feel this way with my MIL… she has a special ear wax that blocks out my voice :weary::persevere::rage:


I have a service-related hearing disability. I have worn hearing aids for 14 years. My hearing loss is right in the range of the adult female voice, no shit. I had my audiologist show my audiogram to my wife. She also explained that as my wife gets frustrated and the pitch of her voice gets higher, this maps to my higher frequency hearing loss. I hear her fine with my hearing aids though, but can turn then off.

I have had some major fun with this. Wife: “I can’t tell if you really can’t hear me, or are just ignoring me”. Me: “that depends if you are angry or not”. She : “don’t use being deaf as an excuse”. Me: “Sure. Make fun of the veteran, who sacrificed his hearing so you could be free. When you are done, we should find you a basket of kittens to kick, or a blind kid you can make faces at”


Haha! Both my husband and MIL have hearing loss/are tone deaf :roll_eyes::weary: I’m sure they use it to their advantage too :joy: FML lol


Though I’d rather have normal hearing, there are advantages. Sitting in a boring sales meeting? Fire up a good podcast or tunes right into my ears with bluetooth. Also a pretty fair lip reader. Sleep like a dead man, even in thunderstorms or with commotion in the house. I have a wrist alarm that vibrates when time to get up, or if the security system activates.


Our house alarm went off once… EAR PIERCING…I shook my husband who woke and looked startled/confused. Couldn’t. Hear. A. Thing. :grimacing:… Until he walked into the mud room to turn off the alarm.


Im actually quite happy to report that this colleague did a respectable thing. He asked someone to translate to me that he simply couldnt understand me and he wasnt confident enough in his English. @LuluJo could probably support me in this; in a kitchen, its so so easy to become an intimidating, impatient loose canon even though its just passion. He said he was trying his hardest and described it as the toughest language barrier he has felt yet and didnt want to feel like an idiot for his lack of understanding and inability to say what he wanted to say. Im really quite humbled by his courage to tell me all that because hes very young and everyone (and i mean everyone) in our team works in multiple languages. So now we are both aware of where we were going wrong, we may be spending an extra hour on prep and an extra hour on closedown to make sure we’re understood and happy with the other but as far as im concerned, thats 2 extra hours well spent.

He’s also become a lot more receptive to advice and knowledge since I took more time to explain it in a way he understands. Might have an accidental apprentice on my hands :wink:


Sounds like such a relief! :sweat:


I’m really glad this happened and that you’ve both found a way to communicate more honestly with each other about your respective challenges. :two_hearts:


Group texts

When apple users reply with a “liked” and then a previous reply from someone else appears again

Droid user here. As far as I know droids dont have that messaging option. If so, I need a “hated” option for me to click back to people lol

It’s happening as I’m posting gah


Thanks! Problem is, today I went in to collect my whites for cleaning and the sous chef and have immediately taken me aside and have had to report him for some mishap lol…ahhh what can i do if im not there eh? No point even worrying about it


Lol… I think you need to post here everyday :joy::rofl:


:thinking::rofl::sunglasses: #goals


When things get sprung on me at the last minute that require my involvement yet I’m somehow never consulted just told where and when to be. I have a fairly open schedule so it’s not that, I just think it’s discourteous.


A wet floor with dirt in it at a swimming pool changing room, dribble and loud teenagers thinking their well hard


Interesting podcast about pockets. She goes into the history of it in women’s wear back as far as the 1800s or prior. Listed to this the day before this was brought up here :slight_smile: