Pet Peeves Anyone?



:smile: What a great thread.


:unicorn: Friends that invite you to candle, cookware, makeup parties, soooooo they can make a profit on overpriced products you don’t need.


Loud talkers. My sensitive ears can’t take it today :hear_no_evil:


Asking me for my honest opinion and getting it and then telling me that I’m the problem…:man_shrugging:t5::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My pet peeve is the Canada Post strike. I get it but it’s the holidays and parcels not arriving on time sucks.


Fine. I won’t post my spectacular moob valley in the selfie thread.
cries quietly in corner


That annoys the living daylights out of me too!! I find it rather attention seeking.


The sound of metal on metal.


That’s gotta be a tough one to deal with being a Chef :man_cook:


Okay not all metal; specifically rough metals. Like a wire brush on a metal table that has all the finish worn off.


Encompassing also ‘People who have never fail to have an excuse to not do something…’


Oh my. Like fingernails on a chalkboard :grimacing:


Or a militant vegan demo


Gahhhhhhh even the thought from hearing it described is awful.

Someone putting too much pressure with their stainless steel fork/knife on their dish when cutting, and it slips with the most tooth-shattering ear-piercing awful screech


My sister cannot stand that sound, it makes her properly wince! She’s also for years had this hatred for whats now known as trypophobia. Thats quite annoying - everything beig described as a ‘phobia’


The psychopaths who put the toilet paper (aka shit tickets that I’m still :joy: about) UNDER roll when EVERYONE knows it goes OVER so you can pull from above


I can ONLY excuse this if you have a cat. A cat can easily unroll an “under” but can’t an “over”.

I am the chick that will switch your TP to over. It bothers me that much!


Haha I do this too! As long as I know the person well enough, because, well, social anxiety I guess.


People who only post on social media while on vacation and then it’s constant stream of pictures.