Pet Peeves Anyone?


The original patent application provides proof enough in confirming over as the best and only way.
Only terrorists do it under


When people give you change back with the coins over the bills. I always end up dropping the coins on the ground, bc those little bastards just slide right off the dollar bills.


People not understanding


People who are bothered about which way the toilet paper goes.

Just kidding. It’s just that I really don’t care, so at my house, sometimes it’s over and sometimes it’s under. Sometimes it crosses my mind that some people think it should be a particular way but then I can’t remember which way that is, so I stop thinking about it.

Also on random preferences, I was having dinner at a friend’s house and was asked if I prefer my lettuce chopped or torn. No one has ever asked me that before and it’s another thing that I just don’t care about one way or another.


Torn lettuce…mine must be chopped :blush:


Anyone who throws their EFFING cigarette butts on the ground. This infuriates me to no end. They don’t decompose, they don’t just magically disappear.

Ive always fantasized of taking every single cigarette butt someone has ever thrown out of their car and filling their car with them.


What especially bothers me about this is that kids are taught by their parents to not litter and respect shared space, and as they stare out the car window at the car next to them, they get to watch fully grown adults who know better do the exact opposite and erode the teaching of the values that parents are trying to instill in their kids.

  1. Being photographed
  2. People who say retarded stuff to keep an argument going, instead of admitting they’re wrong.
  3. Telling me what I should have done two weeks ago… IS. NOT. “ADVICE”.


Ghaa that’s when my ears start bleeding :hear_no_evil:


I just bury mine in the sand…


Sorry, this one is more personal.
My husband who is partially deaf talking to me from another room and expecting me to reply…I have to yell for him to hear me or stop what I’m doing to walk to the room he is in.


People who swallow loud as they drink anything. Makes me want to jump out of my skin and kill them. Also when people sneeze lol. It’s just annoying to me🤦🏼‍♀️


Bad gym manners… rerack your weights people.


There is an advertising on TV about a milkdrink and the girl swallows loud as hell haha, I hate it


And wipe the stuff you spill your sweat all over :joy::rofl:


I got norovirus once from people not wiping down the equipment at the gym, at least the dr seemed to think thats how I got it. Worst 3-4 days ever.


Last year I bought reindeer ears and a Santa hat for my kids at Michael’s, they wore them out of the store and looked pretty cute, so I took a picture with the parking lot in the background. my younger son had snow boots on and shorts lol I printed a handful of them at Target- i had added a blury Christmas border I download from the internet. Worked for me as Xmas cards lol


Wtf!? That’s so gross. Yesterday at the gym it seriously smelled like ass on the mats. I wiped them down, but still :nauseated_face:


Want to instantly hate the human race? Then get on an airplane!

That person who gets up every 15 minutes and pulls out their luggage from the overhead bin to retrieve some stupid item, yeah they were on the flight.

That person who feels that shoes are optional, they were on the flight.

That person who makes 5 trips to the bathroom on a 2 hour flight, oh yeah, you better believe they were on the flight too.

People with ZERO self awareness, all of them… all of them were on that flight!!!

It’s bus with wings people, not dinner at L’Arpege!! Sit down and shut up!

I once flew 9 hours to Amsterdam and back and risked getting a bladder infection, why? Because I was in the middle seat and I didnt want to inconvenience those around me for something a trivial as relieving myself. Deal with it folks!



People deciding what im going to say before i finish a sentence