Pet Peeves Anyone?


Sandwhich?.. oh… sentence. :rofl:


Close talkers…I shouldn’t feel your breath on my face when you’re talking to me.


They start leaning in, I start leaning back :joy::rofl:


People who go to the gym and drive around the parking lot to get the closes spot to the door.


People that don’t wear shoes at the gym


aaaaaaaand that’s how you catch a fungus or something.


What? That is a thing? Ewwwwww


They start leaning in, I lean in closer!


People at my gym take their shoes off ALL the time, stretching usually. But it’s like… We’re all stretching in the same place, I don’t need your feet in my face. And they put their shoes right there too.


You’re a special kind of twisted, I like it :joy::joy:


For real? I’m a barefoot person, hands down and I sure as shit don’t do that in a gym…


I guess i never noticed…thats disgusting


People do this all the time in the hospital… walk around in socks. Hospitals are the dirtiest places in the entire world. You’re risking your life by doing this lol.


Might be a southern California thing*, or entitled thing probably. Most people around here (or in general?? :thinking:) think they can do whatever they want.

*At the gym. Obviously people go barefoot in general around here a lot lol at the gym it’s not ok


I agree, I think it’s so disrespectful personally


Ugh I’m an asshole at work and never wear my shoes in the winter lol. But I’m in my own office, usually wear slippers when I’m not wearing shoes and only leave occasionally to run to pee if it’s an emergency without them because I worked too long. Screw wearing my winter boots all day!


Exactly lol


Hahahaha tbh I don’t mind feet, it’s mostly men (sorry guys :/) at the gym, I don’t like their feet in my face.


I don’t mind feet, my girlfriend HATES them! Omg, I would torment her at times with them, funniest thing ever except she hits hard! Haha! But I sure as shit don’t want anyone feet in my face!!


When I grab my seat belt to put it on and it locks up and won’t let me pull it. Then. !!! If it does it again and again you’d think I was swatting at a swarm of bees because i’m having a full- blown adult temper tantrum!