Pet Peeves Anyone?


I hung mine (the TP hanger) vertically so as to avoid this issue altogether. :wink:


At least they’re wearing socks? Bugs me when people walk down the street - IN the street - barefoot.


I hated my ExH’s feet. His toenails grow straight out - no curve in them at all - and he would never trim them, so they were like daggers that would scratch me at night. Gah!


Oh man that’s intense lol


Guys whom I barely met putting their hands around my waist or back. Arghhhhh! It can make me a murderer.


Fab thread…

  1. Polite clapping. Totally winds me up. Most clapping actually - why did this become a thing. Didnt she do well - give her a clap. NO!

  2. Middle lane drivers on the motorway. If you are one, look out for the crazy looking red head mouthing “Who are you fecking overtaking you numpty” as I drive past.

  3. People who put ketchup on homemade bolognese. How rude!!

  4. Radio DJs who talk over track intros. Shut up!

  5. Call tesco Tescos. There’s no S on the end.

  6. Over use of exclamation marks🤔

  7. Double kisses as a greeting. Don’t even want 1 never mind 2.

Phew how cathartic.


We have a guy around here who is barefoot EVERYWHERE!! Stores, streets…if that’s all you see you’re doing great!!! Dude seriously is a bigger guy in his 60s and wears his shorts too short and when he bends over it ALL hangs out…good times! :joy:


Haha let it out!!


People who only post (usually pictures, and lots of em) on social media when they are on vacation.

There’s been studies that show that people don’t want to see that shit, so stop!

Remember as a kid going to your parent’s friend’s house to watch their projected slide show of their vacation? It wasn’t fun then and it isn’t fun now. No one cares. Stop it.

I realize I’ve already said this, but it must be said again!


Lol! Now I have this picture in my head how you’re completely freaking out in your car with your seatbelt


Haha ughhhhh!:persevere:


Instant rage!!! hahahahah

I’m a pretty laid back person but that’s a mega button :rofl:


People who play their music loud on their cellphone in s public place… like the bus


But does it come out on the near side of the roll or the far side? This is a whole new can of worms! :rofl:


Or when you’re trying to converse with them as they head bob away with their eyes closed, mouthing the words…


First World problems…smh


I don’t even bother lol. That to me says “dont talk to me”. I use the method myself quite a bit :joy::rofl:


Tell me about it! I don’t have anyone else to annoy with this other than myself, but I prefer it coming from the far side. I am forever putting it back in different directions, ergo driving myself nuts, LOL. Truth be told, I wish it was just a shelf. I actually knew someone who had one of those. It was awesome


I don’t bother in general but when they start the conversation and are asking you questions…


Oh yeah. Then that’s a big ass pet peeve lol.