Pet Peeves Anyone?


What?! Lol


Hahahaha. I do so many of those things. BUT, I only take my shoes off on a long haul flight. If I’m flying 6 hours or more, you better believe I’m taking my shoes off! But I’m conscious of smells and bring an extra pair of socks or slippers to put on.

And I always book an aisle seat! Though now that I’m not wasted and downing more booze, the need to go to the bathroom has reduced.

That said, maybe try to work on your patience next time as there might be a medical reason for it… :two_hearts::bird::rofl:


It’s ok, we can still be friends. :grin:


My dad is currently going through radiation for prostate cancer, which is giving him urinary symptoms like a UTI and he has to pee like every 20 mins. At first I said “I’m so sorry to hear that”. Followed quickly by “actually, I’m not sorry. now you know what it feels like to be a woman with a UTI and more men should know what that feels like!”



I need a snarky side stare emoji, and there’s apparently not one.


…Its also the easiest way to ‘Mafia’ sweetness into bolognese :stuck_out_tongue: Used to do it at work if i didnt have time to fix it properly :smiley:


What are we feeling snarky about? :unamused::smirk:

Edit: Or maybe I shouldn’t ask. lol


Maybe this is an Arizona thing…

When people say “well back in so and so, we did it like this or that, ya’ll backwards here”

So and so is typically Ohio, Michigan, Illinois or California.

Well we do 1 thing better, thats affordable housing and jobs :joy::rofl::joy:


Nothing in particular at the moment, but I need one on standby lol


Trucks that back into parking spots. And making everyone else wait while they do. ( I live in Texas.)


I actually would prefer them back in. Unless the parking spots are massive (maybe they are in Texas lol), the wheelbase means fitting into one carefully is often going to make someone wait anyways. And I feel a lot safer having big vehicles back into empty parking spots than back into parking lot traffic.

My pet peeve is more along the lines of driving a truck or other large vehicle when you don’t need to. Waste of gas and air quality, and when they don’t really fit in one parking spot…


I was just going fo remark how everyone in Texas does this. Where in TX are you from?


It’s much easier to get the long wheelbase in to the spot, as @Ifs said. The pivot point on a car/truck is the fixed wheel.


The acoustic version of Light my fire, sang by Jose feliciano (sp). Leave the Doors shit alone! I hear it one more time at work I will scream


Number 1 pet peeve every year when x-mas season starts : Wham - Last christmas :musical_note: I hate it!!!


Hmmm. I didn’t think of that! Bur I don’t drive a truck so thats how it goes I guess. I am guilty of forgetting to turn lights off all the time, makes people annoyed.


People that use their cell phones in public toilets. Your call was so important you couldn’t wait two minutes so whoever was on the other end didn’t get treated to the noises of everyone voiding themselves? Ya nasty. :face_vomiting:


People who debate with feelings and not facts!


True story. I was in a stall answering natures call…and the guy next to me was saying, “baby i love you, you are so gorgeous”…and grunting has he was helping “number 2” make its way into being…


Uck that’s soooo gross :joy::joy: I completely believe it though :joy: