Pet Peeves Anyone?


Wait… aren’t you one to talk? lol


Yeah, that’s the joke! :yum::rofl:


People who walk slow as fuck or stop in front of me on a train platform or the roads


Yea this would annoy me, too.
This irritates me at home lol. After my coffee buzz I’m ready to get stuff done, so all slow walkers get outta my way :running_woman:


About 97% of people at the shop. And it’s not that I think I’m better then them. It’s just the way they do things and seeing management run the company down.


Narcissists. Fucking narcissistic people. They drive me insane. I had 2 kids with 1. 14 more years until that shit is done! Ha!


Sunglasses indoors


@Philrr415 This has to be extremely frustrating and with management leading the way :unamused:


I always think these people are hiding something.


Ya. The sad part is I thought it was just our plant( abour 7 or so plants, most in Wisconsin). I’ve read reviews from the other plants… All the same way. For a month straight I was so worked up over everything going on i was constantly sick… Being the supervisor for a year didnt help, cause I really saw what was going on… And that was when the drinking really picked up.


When I’m driving 10-15 miles over the speed limit and someone is still on my ass🤬


Then all of a sudden they slow down and back off. But a couple seconds later BAM there they are!


Lol! Exactly I hate that!


You gotta move to the right and let me pass!!! I’ll clear the way if there’s any police ahead.


People who don’t wash their hands after they use the restroom :poop: I am like an eagle when sitting by a restroom or waiting to use one… listening for that sink water on the other side of the door or checking your hands to see if they are a little damp after drying them off- when you come out. 9/10 people don’t and it’s disgusting.


I wash my hands like 15 times a day… OCD=really good hygiene :wink:


I definitely appreciate people like you!


Resurrecting this thread.

Beautify filters on photographs.


Agreed. Is it too much to ask to see what a person actually looks like? Sometimes it can be fun but not constantly.


No… it’s not too much to ask.
And why aren’t we happy with that.
Those filters are the push-up bra for faces