Pet Peeves Anyone?


I agree… . Let’s all wear Stormtrooper masks instead! :laughing:

I haven’t posted a photo, yet - but feel the same about “filters” in general. I have two young daughters and believe it is very unhealthy that our society feels the need to filter out individuality and imperfections.


Avatars are distinctly different to selfies, but get your point.
I have posted my ugly mug here… Even left the freckles and lack of hair visible.


…I would actually prefer Stormtrooper masks, to the filters.


Does that mean our comments would never hit their target?

Ok, enough nerd stuff now


People who clap when the plane lands…you’re clapping because the pilot did his job.

People chewing loudly or talking with their mouth full

Someone trying to talk to me the second I get up from bed

Talking about politics because it always goes south. Don’t involve me.

People who bring up new studies they saw on the news. Cool milk now causes cancer I don’t care



I did an experiment to see wth it was like to wear sunglasses while shopping one day. It gets on my nerves, but people that do it kinda fascinate me, so I tried it.
It was not comfortable. Felt very awkward. I could hardly see anything, and I felt like such a tool while making my purchases. I did it tho. Not sure why people do that.


Maybe everyone is doing exactly what you did…?
Maybe it started with just one person years ago shopping in sunnies, baked out of their gourd, and now we think it is normal but all of you are shopping going WTF, and look at each other and going WTF?!


Lol it was so strange standing there, indoors, talking to cashier wearing my sunglasses.
Felt like such a diva. Heh.


Seeing people walking their dogs, with said people carrying droopy bags of crap. Gives me the heebs every.single.time. They’re walking in plain sight carrying a droopy bag of crap, as if they’re walking along like they’re NOT carrying a droopy bag.of.crap. You’re carrying feces sweet, smiling neighbor. We all know what’s in there. Don’t smile and wave at me, while strolling around carrying dump. Heh.
I can’t take a leisurely stroll carrying a bag of crap. How do they do it? Nothing pleasant about that for me. Nope. I guess I should qualify this in terms of seeing people carrying poop while walking in a neighborhood, where the dogs could’ve stayed home or crapped in their own backyard b4 the walk. When I walk my dog, I make dang sure he does his business b4 we hit the skreets lol.


Haha oh gosh - that made me laugh… because I am one of those people carrying dog dirt bags daily. He just prefers to do his business in places less convenient than before we leave our yard.
I guess a good way to look at it is it might be more of a pet peeve if I just left it there. :laughing:


Yes! I’m glad “the waste” is being “disposed of properly”. An additional pet peeve of mine is having to see piles of dog poop on lawns. Who wants to look at that crap? Heh.


Haha these are literally peeves of the pet category!


Everything today. The end.


Those who are uncomfortable with occasional silence in the workplace.


I teach facilitation skills to facilitators, and something I integrate into workshop is our relationship to silence and how to use it when working with groups. How to become comfortable, even enjoy it.

Silence is really golden :sparkles:


People standing in my personal space when we are chatting. They move closer I take a step back they move even closer I almost fall off cliff…BACK OFF PLEASE I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOUR FILLINGS WHEN WE TALK!


Oh yes… I don’t want to feel or smell your breath on my face when we talk.


When I’m trying to be myself and my brain slams the brakes on it. :man_shrugging:


Guilty of this as well :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes:


People who end their sentences with So…