Pet Peeves Anyone?


I work with heathens. :unamused:


Ha! The exact word I use when muttering under my breath about this same exact thing. Either “heathens” or “barbarians”.


They didnt want to hear the beep. I’ll yank open the door at the last second to avoid the beep…BUT…I clear the timer afterwards.


Oh my gosh! This is a big one for me. And I know that there are prolly many here that say it… But I HATE when people say “literally” in a conversation!!

“Oh my god, Like it was literally so random.” Wait, what? Learn how to use words correctly people!! Fudge!!


When people say “mmmbye” at the end of a phone call.


Omg… or the California, “in a minute.” As in, “Oh, hey! It’s been a minute!” (meaning: a long time).

Apologies. There is no good reason this grates on me so, but there 'tis!


Or when you tell someone “give me 2 seconds” & that person starts counting


I get disgusted when I go to someone’s house for dinner and they don’t wash their hands before they cook​:fearful::dizzy_face::poop:


Or when they say “okbye” and me “bye” and the other person again “bye” and me again “bye” :thinking::joy:


Phone call in general may be a pet peeve for me. Lol.
Now you got me thinking about when you say “ok, I got to go”…then there reply is “1 more thing quick” which turns into 10 more mins i didnt have to begin with.


That’s why I dont answer the phone! I’m a multitasker (which I can’t do while I’m holding my phone) so unless it’s really important, I don’t answer it. It’s a pet peeve of mine too now that you mention it lol.


Same here! i prefer to just TXT but that said, I also hate the 40 txt long conversation that could have been done with a 2min phone call.


This reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves, and I’m sure you can relate living in “socal” “Cali” haha which I know is on a lot of people’s pet peeve list down here.

Anyways, mine is when people say random words in Spanish but really don’t know the language at all. Like “no se” or “no bueno” or even “gracias” and “denada”. I guess this is the definition of a pet peeve but I have no idea why I hate it so much lol


I’d rather have a long text to read when I can. I dont usually listen to voicemails either, only when I miss a call from someone I know or am expecting. The rest are usually spam calls so I dont bother.


Lmao! Hate it when people say “SoCal”!! No one from here say that so you can always spot a transplant.

And I can relate to your other one too. Not only do full on gringos use the Spanish word, but they try to say it with an accent!


That last part is the worst!!! Oh man, I might hate that more actually lol


I never answer my phone either😂


For a while, I recorded an outgoing voicemail that said “please don’t leave a message as they will not be checked” !




I hate when I drive by 3 gas stations not realizing I need gas and then as I’m waiting in the carpool line with the truck running I wonder if I’m going to have to have the kids push me home.