Phase 1 complete

Last Friday I finished a 8 week rehab. Add my initial detox and I am now 64 days alcohol and drug free. Phase 1 complete. I have uplifted and relocated myself to a completely new environment. Left behind all using friends from the past. And now is time for Phase 2. Rebuilding support networks and creating my own method to continue living a life clean.

What advice do you have for me people’s?


Go to an AA or NA meeting or both and immerse yourself in the local recovery network. Rehab was the easy part now you have to surround yourself with people that can help :slightly_smiling_face:


Be here every day to check in sober and read and help others in recovery.
It’s a great part of my recovery!
Today I’m 330 days sober, almost 11 months.

Welcome here, hope to see you around often 🙋


Most definitely try aa and na ( listening to other people going through the same stuff as you is really helpful and keeps you grounded) .you have done the initial detox now you gotta stay sober , speak to friends and family about your sobrity so have that ongoing support structure around you ( what you have achieved already is amazing)…I found apps like reddit and this app really help keep me focused when I’m feeling the pinch …another method I use is find a goal to think about …something that everytime you wanna pick up or drink use that goal as a blocker …mine being I have not seen my children in 3 years and all they ever known was me as a messer …that’s my goal for them to see me how I’ve worked to change …and remember you have forums like this …feel positive post something, feeling shit post about it…I hope this has helped :grin:

That’s great to hear, Scott!
My day starts here and I’ve found it to be key to getting my mind right for the day.

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Couldn’t have said it better. @Pants is right on! Immerse yourself in recovery. I just finished rehab 2 weeks ago. Meetings everyday. Gym everyday.


@MyRevival host to be clear I want trying to say that rehab is easy just easier :joy::joy:

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Absolutely amazing advice this Pants.

Dont go into recovery. Become recovery.


I might get this printed on at shirt :joy::+1::slightly_smiling_face:
How’s your part of Manchester today m8🙂
As grim as my end?

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Rain one minute, really warm the next. Traffic absolutely no existent for once which is nice as I have loads of fecking errands to run.

Also had no idea you were a Manc :rofl:

Born and bred mate. I live on the red side though :joy::joy::slightly_smiling_face:

Least you’re not Scouse mate :rofl:

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