Pickled eggs and funky legs


Hey all so I’m a good few weeks into my sobriety been a good girl and not drinking anymore. It’s 11 weeks on sat since my last pull of a beer. Sometimes I feel proud of myself sometimes I don’t it’s all about the mind set. I’m a pretty stubborn person if I wanna do something I will so even tho there are times I get arsed off when I hear excuses used by people for slipping I can see why they would. My wife was trying to cut down in chocolate having a bar everyother day, yesterday a non choc day she sneaked one, I caught her eating it in the kitchen and she said this to me…it’s only one, you don’t understand its hard for me when I get it in my head I can’t get it out and I have to do it, I’ve been so down today it’s the only thing that makes me happy gives me that relief!..I got mad very fast about this I said…fine I’m gonna drink tonight cos I’m struggling and it’s been popping into my head a few times over last few days how I’m fancying a night out and a few pints to get drunk…how bloody dare she say I didn’t understand I was fuming I almost burst into tears…she finished off by saying it’s not the same as mine iv got an addiction and I’m in recovery…even tho she can’t stop and has a total sugar addict.

I’m so happy I have this will inside me that wont let me be beat because I really could of done last night and I almost did but then instead I wrote down how I felt and what happend that gave me time to think straight and say sorry for my out burst…upon reflection I should of made of joke of it I usually do but I didn’t n I ended up upsetting both of us. Tho I won’t take all responsabilitie for it cos it was stupid what she said to me…I know the topic name has nothing to do with what I wrote but I think it sounds nice.


“The title brought me in. The rant was superb.”


I’ve got to admit, it was the title that hooked me, but the post had me hanging around.

Got to fight those excuses to drink. So easy to give yourself permission. That’s exactly how my last relapse started. Mom passed away. I can drink. Lost a year of sobriety with that excuse.


I would have been furious myself. It’s awesome you calmed yourself down. It’s amazing when you realize that strength is in you. But I would probably try to explain how and why the remark was offensive so it doesn’t continue after internally cursing her out of course. But that may just be me.