Pink Cloud Advice

I’m on day 20 of no alcohol and apart from a little work stress I feel elated. Just wondering if this is the pink Cloud I’ve heard about or if I just feel physically and emotionally better due to no poison (alcohol) in my system. I’m worried about when this feeling ends and I hit a low. How does the pink cloud work and is it too soon for me to be experiencing it?


Here you go

You are describing precisely what it is and it is normal to be there. Watch the video it’ll help you prepare


So, I’m at 52 days and I can say that around day 40 I took a nosedive. Prior to that I was feeling great. I’m out of the nosedive now (or maybe just for now), but definitely not feeling that elation of the first couple weeks. Which actually feels kind of good. Like I’m starting to even out. Maybe. Maybe not…maybe I’ll still have to deal with some of this for the next year like the Road to Recovery says might happen. Anyway, at least for me the wall seems to be real and it started hitting me around day 40 to 45.


I rode the pink cloud for about the first month. It was easy. I got a lot done and was happy. But around the holidays I started getting stressed and thinking differently now that my mind had been clear. I didnt expect to hit the wall so soon but I watched the roadmap to recovery :point_up_2: early on and new to expect it. Its gotten harder but not cravings. More just trying to understand who I really am and where to go from here. I’ve been feeling kind of down and depressed lately but today I decided to make it to my first aa meeting in my 62 days sober. I came out of it in a much better mood. As much as I love this app it was nice to connect with people irl so I plan to keep going. So my advice is ride the cloud as long as it lasts and dont give up when it starts to fade. Every day sober is better than any day not. Great job on 20 so far!


Ha, I just posted something about the pink cloud on another thread.

I found this link helpful

I definitely had some pink cloud type thing going on up until about 5 months in. Unfortunately after that I got pretty depressed, although I also quit smoking around that time.

Mental health is still something I’m working on, but that’s life I guess! Being sober means I have the ability to deal with these problems rather than ignoring them, letting them build up and eventually becoming worse.

Enjoy all the rainbows and unicorn farts, just don’t expect them to last forever :grin::sparkles: :rainbow::unicorn::dash:


Ty for Posting topic and responses for topic. I had no idea yikes

Maybe try a meeting they will give you a parachute when you start to come down make it easier for you wish you well


I think it works differently for everyone, and while a common experience, I think we get too wrapped around the axle thinking about it.

Yes, I felt happy and elated for the first few months. I wasn’t passing out every night, or waking up hungover to a disappointed wife. I was coming out of a period of grieving for my mother. So each day further from my lowest of lows, felt awesome.

But life happens, to all of us. We each have our portion of good times and bad, joy and sadness. The thing is by being sober, I have eliminated that portion of bad, that was self-inflicted. On balance, my life is better.

Another thing, about the time the initial elation was wearing off, I started with my martial arts classes. The training and striving to achieve my goals, built positive momentum. So when bad days happen, I have the will and self-discipline to bull through.

I think it helps to reflect daily on the ways I am better today, than I was yesterday. Most days the list has several items, but even on the bad days, I can still say I have one more sober day, and any way you cut it, sober IS better.