Pissed off all the time

I am on day 9 now on my third attempt at quitting. Things have been generally positive so far and I’v found it easier to get to the point in time than I did last time. One thing I am noticing is that I am far more irritable/grumpy and am snapping at the people around me far more. I can understand that during withdrawal this is to be expected - but has anyone had the experience that they are just generally more grumpy in recovery long term? I am really hoping this isn’t just the real me deep down.

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This was a big issue for me when I stopped smoking weed, I felt like I became a raging b**** but at 6 months sober I haven’t had this issue in a long time. So I wouldn’t say that it’s a part of long-term recovery, it sounds like it may be more about learning new coping mechanisms for when you get frustrated or impatient. I’m assuming that in the past after a rough day you may have reached for your doc, so now instead of that, you’ll have to find new ways to calm your nerves. Listen to some music, exercise, journal your thoughts, get out in nature, whatever works for you! You can do it!


Yeah, after only 9 days you’re body is still adjusting, and your brain needs to even everything out. I never thought of myself as an angry person but I know that alcohol, as well as anything else, makes me that way. Its frustrating but you will get past it. Just remember to take a breath, and think before you react. Easier said than done but, if you can, just walk away for a minute if that’s what you need. It will help you make more rational decisions.


My first long term dry spell lasted a year and a half. Most of which I was angry and pissed off at almost everyone and everything. I thought just because I was not drinking people should forgive me and just love the “new” me. This led to a relapse just last December. I since have been sober and happy. I have learned with the help of AA, a higher power, sponsor and this app that life can be much more pleasant. I have also found that meditation has helped me immensely. Also this all takes time to heal. Not only our addict minds but our relationships. Try one or all of these things and you are sure to get more out of recovery. For me it’s a combo platter. My days aren’t always sunshine and cupcakes but they are much better than before. Hope this helps.