Pity party

So. Today I hit my 1 year no drinking mark. And I feel kinda let down like how you feel after coming back from a vacation. It so weird. I couldn’t imagine this day a year or 6 months ago and now that’s it’s here and it’s just another day I’m kinda feeling depressed. I’m a small business owner and I recently had someone tell me that I should not be so open about my recovery because it might turn clients away. It really upset me because I want to fight the stigma of alcoholism by being open and honest. I can’t believe I let that person get in my head though and now I’m second guessing how I go about my day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like bragging about being in recovery all the time, but if the subject comes up, I talk about my situation.
Ugh. Anyways. Just venting. Hope everyone else is doing great!


Stay true to how you feel and the persons opinion will soon fade away…I’m getting closer to one year myself and I know that a lot of people find it somewhat of a let down…so I’m trying to avoid that situation…thanks for helping me with that. Keep getting at it…today is the only day that matters


Most important thing first…
And thank you so much for sharing this. Really.
Today may in fact be just another day in the grand scheme of things. But 1 year of no drinking is not an easy achievement. Be proud of yourself. I have no idea who you are, but I am proud of you.
Something that I have learned in my life is that most of my struggles aren’t even a blip on the vast majority of people’s radars. Most people don’t give a damn and when they get a small glimpse of something I struggle with they insert their own personal opinions…most of which have NOTHING to do with me. And that’s ok. I let those opinions go.
To echo what @dot.dot.dot said, have a great day. You’ve earned it.
I’m getting closer to a year and in these later months I have noticed some depressed feelings coming up. And I’ve been told by a few of my friends who are also in recovery that this is common.
And I agree with you 100% about being open about your recovery. Much like you, I am not bringing it up every chance I get. But my being open about my addiction to alcohol is my part of fighting the stigma. Addiction is something so many people struggle with every day and if we don’t talk about it openly and honestly nothing will ever change. And dammit it needs to.
Congratulations again. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Wherever that may be.


Congratulations on one year!

I learned first to stop feeling ashamed of my self harm scars, and now I make absolutely no effort to hide them in general because I think the self harm battle needs destigmatization. And while not everyone is comfortable with their scars showing, I am, so I do it.

There are exceptions, of course. When I expect to be around people who I know are really bothered by it, I try to respect their wishes when reasonable. But that doesn’t mean I’ll wear long sleeves and jeans when it’s 30 degrees out. My past is my past, and other people’s problems with it are their problems.


Congratulations! :tada:
I just want to say: stick to yourself, you make your own choices and that’s ok. There’s always someone who thinks different.

CONGRATS on 1 year! That is so inspiring. I love seeing people hit milestones and hope that will someday be me. I also think you should talk to whomever you wish to about it - some people choose to be private. I am also pretty open about my recovery (though with the exception that I haven’t told my work colleagues as yet, but probably will at some point, when I’m feeling more stable). I talk to my family and my friends and I do that openly in public places. I was inspired by other people who got sober and I hope to, someday, have a positive impact on others’ lives.

This weekend I went to an AA party for a guy that was 1 year sober. It made me so happy and of course I cried, even though I’ve only known this guy for 3 weeks. He chaired the meeting and was, of course, absolutely beeming with delight. BUT, he told us a story about his mother, who was something like 25 years sober, told him “this is not the Academy Awards. It is just another day that you need to not drink.” And it was really great for all of us to stay in check. He said it reminded him of the importance of staying humble, to keep fighting every day and to not get complacent with his sobriety. After the meeting, we talked about how that was such a good point. Alcoholism makes us selfish and think that we are in control of everything and inflates egos. These are all things we need to keep in check and remember that we are just operating one day at a time. It was a helpful and beautiful reminder.

SO - CELEBRATE, you should be really proud of yourself and we here are all proud of you too. But don’t let it go to your head and make sure you keep doing what you have been doing that has gotten you this far. Stay sober. And ignore that guy!!



I felt exactly like you do when I hit my 1 year. I still feel that way a lot of time. Like said above, it really is just another day. Some people have the most amazing transformations by the 1 year mark, others are still dealing with a lot of difficulty. I was the latter. But at the end of every day I have made a wonderful choice by staying clean.

I too am very open about my recovery. I’ve had customers come in who I haven’t seen I a good while who I used to drink with. Every one has been amazed and impressed by my choice. I’ve received high fives from more people than I can count. Just a few days ago I had a long time customer ask me how I did it, tell me about her own problem. We’ve talked about it before and she’s always been curious. I don’t know if she will quit, but I do know she has the idea in her head now. I also know she’s talked to a few other women in her social circle about their collective issues. I don’t push anything on anyone, but I am certainly open to answering questions and being honest about my struggles and successes.

So here’s what you should ask yourself… How many people have been happy and excited for you? How many high fives have you gotten? I’ll bet it’s more than one. So one versus many. I think the results are in!


well done on a year , like you i was a small business guy for 36 years and and 32 of these in recovery i didnt give a shit if anyone knew as long as my guys did the work ok and the customer was happy today everyone who knows me knows im in AA , so if the subject comes up be proud and share nothing to fear and im sure your journey in recovery will only get better wish you well

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Like others have said, don’t be afraid to share your recovery story. You never know who might be listening. Your story might just he the words a struggling addict (Or even someone still in early recovery) needs to hear. Our DOC is different, but recovery is the same. I’m in early recovery and I find it incredibly motivating to hear others stories. Keep sharing. And congrats on that year! You deserve to celebrate your special day!


Congrats on your year of sobriety! It’s a wonderful achievement that deserves recognition.

Yeah that person’s a bummer and I’m sure they have their own drinking habits they don’t want to acknowledge.

Do something special today that celebrates this wonderful milestone!! I’ve just started rock climbing, and it has been incredible. It is so scary and exhilarating at the same time. Find something that excites you today, you deserve it.

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