Planning to come off Methadone, what can help with the withdrawals?

How to deal with Methadone withdrawal?

Do you have a taper plan or have u already and ready to drop off? I dont recommend dropping more then 5mg and accually id try lower. Best thing u can do is hydrate. get a multi vitamin until you can eat and get nutrition naturally. A probiotic or immodium will help with the loose stools. I wouldnt bother with these until ur tapered low and skipping days. But your taper plan is more important right now to get it stable at lower doses.

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I’m thinking of tapering down because doing it cold turkey will destroy me… I just have a serious fear of what’s coming ahead when I do kick the Methadone.

I appreciate your reply I will def make sure I have those items to help me :slight_smile:

Do you mind me asking if you were on Methadone or suboxone before ?!

Have you talked to your prescriber about your plan to come off? Would you consider a detox and sub taper followed by rehab?

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Yes but my doctor doesn’t want me to go down because that doesn’t make him money… i was considering switching to Suboxone which is safer and less addicting, I’ve been on Methadone for 5 years now. I’m really considering a 24 hour detox for a couple days. I went to rehab many times but some places don’t take Methadone patients and you must be abstinent from everything.

Yeah there are places here that do that dumb shit too…opiates are opiates, and methadone even shows an attempt/desire to get clean, why the hell would you turn anyone in that situation down?? Pretty much everyone I’ve known to get clean has had better luck with suboxone than methadone. I have a cousin who has been on methadone about that long, it’s like a never ending cycle. he still relapses regularly, tho not recently…hes in county tryin not to drop the soap cuz he got caught stealing some stuff out of a guys yard. I definitely wouldnt advise that method, no doubt it works but theres nothing fun about it lol

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Ive taken and tried both. Methadone was horrible! all it felt like was like I delayed day one til the day i stopped the methadone. I would recommend tapering the methadone down to 5mg. The take a sub for a week or two as it wont take much. I think would be the easiest and so you dont get used to taking subs routine. You are going to feel some discomfort and you will find you will have to force and motivate yourself…it gets natural and easier the longer you go.


my last attempt. i used a 8mg sub for ten days and jumped off . I had a about a $100-$200 day drug habit. I felt a good 80-85% withdrawl that first week. Which Was way better then full blown 100. I went thru hell with no sleep but it gets better. Im about to be 6mo clean in 2 days… if you need help many of us can help you make this an easier process then it can be…

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Of course your Dr. Doesn’t want you off, he cant make money if you’re better.

If he’s like my pain Dr. He writes bogus scripts all day, then when you admit you need help that same shaddy Dr. puts you on long term methadone or subs.

If that sounds like you’re Dr. Please find someone new, that cares about you for real.
I’m sorry man, sounds like a crazy vicious cycle.
Listen to these guys, they have been through it. It ain’t easy but you CAN do it.

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I know people who have gone through the same thing. A 7 day detox in a hospital or psych ward might be good. If you can get 14 days off methadone and subs you could get the Vivitrol shot for a couple months until your cravings reduce

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Yes that’s the advice I’m getting from most people to do it under 24/7 watch care at a hospital… what is Vivitrol? What’s its purpose? I’m gonna do some research on it :slight_smile: thank you for your comment!

Yes that’s exactly how my doc is he used to give bogus results of my pee tests when they were dirty. I noticed there all crooked in the business. I’ve been looking for another doctor because my doctor doesn’t even see me for 2 minutes he already has my prescription printed out and to send me off. I hate it. Doesn’t ask me how I’m doing regarding using or anything.

Yes that’s the advice I’m getting from most people to do it under 24/7 watch care at a hospital… what is Vivitrol? What’s its purpose? I’m gonna do some research on it :slight_smile: thank you for your comment!

Oh wow! It’s covered under my parents insurance or else I’d have to pay 7$ a day for my drink. Wow that’s amazing! You’ve been clean for 6 months that’s amazing :slight_smile: keep it up :slight_smile: what was ur drug of choice if you don’t mind me asking

Did you find Methadone or Suboxone more effective? How was the withdrawals for both ?!

Yeah I completely agree with you! I’ve heard the same about Suboxone over Methadone. But my dr told me it was because I was using so much that Suboxone only goes up to a certain amount of mg and that because of my tolerance that Suboxone wouldn’t do much for me.

My doc was pills then heroin to iv heroin fetynal whatever i could get. The methadone did nothing helpped wd while on it. The sub worked better to me. Plus i dont like a drug i know i can still get high on. Suboxone has a ceiling hieght of 4mg after that your brains receptors are full. So it doesnt take much to help alot. I started at 2mg so i felt it. And dont recommend doing it that quick but i knew if i didnt id stay on the sub and eventually switch back

Yeah same, I’ve been hooked of junk iv and then another I can put into a rig… yeah I was using the Methadone while using heroin but when I was using the Suboxone and heroin it put me into straight withdrawals because of the naloxone (opiate antidote) is half of the ingredient in Suboxone.

Vivitrol is a once monthly injection of naltrexone. It’s real good at blocking cravings and there’s no detox when you come off of it. If you are serious about quitting it’s a good way to go. It’s usually done in addition to counseling. I will caution you though that if you use while on it there’s a very real chance of overdosing

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I have been on both methadone and Suboxone. I was on methadone for 10 plus years and then decided to switch to Suboxone. For me personally Suboxone was a lot easier to come off of and the withdrawals were way more manageable. Good luck you can do this.