Plans for the weekend?

Not much for me as Both kids and partner home with “man flu” but i have had plenty to do. There is no trip to the pub for him and so i have a clear night ahead of me.
I am feeling slightly stronger this weekend.
I have passed my prep swedish exams and only have the big one left on friday next week.
My stomach is hurting this time tho. Any advice on how to stop it or help. Water just isnt working. I feel really tired too. Could it be hormonal? Advice welcome.
Hope everybody has a good weekeend. X


Sounds good! Congrats on passing your prep :raised_hands:t2:

Gonna be doing some classes on Saturday then breakfast with friends on Sunday, but other than that nothing big.

There’s a Friday thread a lot of people share in if you’d like to join in:

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I have family game planned for tonight, tomorrow i work until 4 then i want to clean and hopefully have family movie night but my son is 3 and has never sat long enough for a movie. Sunday, my husband works a double so itll just be me and my son so we"ll just play and im hoping to go thru his toys because he has waaaaay too many.


MBA homework, ALL weekend, so much due.


Will go to bed early since I got up early and had a long work week.
This weekend I will mow the lawn, pick the garden, freeze some veggies, read some books, write some lesson plans, kiss the husband, and generally enjoy the peace and calm that sobriety brings me.

I have time to enjoy my life. I’m blessed.