Plans for Valentine's Day?


What did you guys going to on Valentine’s Day? I haven’t celebrate anything without drinking like 8 years. So i can’t think anything. Maybe you guys can help. Thanks in advance.


Nothing planned for this single guy. However, I will anticipate the next day for the discounted prices on valentines candy…lol!


I have a date with a healthy chocolate covered strawberry smoothie when I get home haha :joy::joy::joy:


Well I am in OA Overeaters Anonnymous so chocolate is out of the question for me and I don’t really drink. It seems that I will be enjoying a nice dinner with my kids and having some delicious fresh cut fruit since my husband will be working. Whatever you do, do it sober and know we don’t need our addictive substances to enjoy any day of this life!


I’ll have a date with my couch and a good book


We invited a friend over, it will be her first Valentine’s since her divorce after being married 34 years…so we will eat a lot of chocolate most likely. I cannot abide going out on V day, way too packed.


The local fish market has a special for V Day. Two servings of shrimp cocktail, haddock florentine, choice of lobster bisque or clam chowder and 2 chocolate lolipops. All for $24.99. I will be serving me and my son (we are both single atm).

I also plan to send cards to loved ones and spread love throughout the day to anyone I come in contact with. Whatever you send out, comes back 10 fold. :heart:


The same thing I do on any other Wednesday. Aside from snuggling up w my kiddo and going through all his valentines cards and candies from his classmates…


Well…instead of cracking open some cold ones, I am making a big dinner for my husband and cracking open some crab legs…lol. We will probably just cuddle up and watch a movie after dinner. That’s about it.


No idea. Im leaving it up to him to do something nice. I have class until 7:20 And after class whatever he has planned and he’s not the romantic type so im not expecting anything out of this world.


Will probably make something good for dinner and get some Valentine treats for the kids, but my husband and I just celebrated our anniversary (15 years!!??!) on Feb 1 so we usually don’t do much on the 14th since it’s kind of a repeat! Either way, won’t be cracking open any champagne thus year and I’m totally ok with that.


No plans here. I’m with @Bill_Phillips …I’ll be waiting for the candy aisle to be price reduced the next day. :rofl:


I’m going out for lunch with two single AA friends. Later, I’ll have a take and bake pizza at home. My so will need to be told to buy flowers. I better let him know tomorrow. I have a card for him and a little candy for us to share.


I booked myself solid with clients into the evening so I could keep myself busy.


No plans , just want to stay sober. Have a good day… I am new here


I’ve got therapy in the morning then nothing for the rest of the day. Will probably just binge watch Shameless. I’m so glad I don’t have to work! I’m a working manager/server at a really popular diner. Valentine’s day and ash Wednesday rolled into one makes for a hellish experience! And since I’m single I’m even more happy to not have to put up with that crap!


Hello , i m new here and looking for sone support and accountability


@Modestakieran I loooooooooooooove Shameless :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: Excellent choice!!!


It’s my dad’s birthday whom I havent spoken to in a couple yrs. Considering emailing him.


Staying in and having a fondue night with my husband, then probably watching the Olympics or a movie!