Plans for Valentine's Day?


Will spend the day cleaning, and reviewing for my exams :joy: celebrate love everyday!


I’m teaching a class. We do “date night” every other Friday evening, so no need for me to do a big production on Valentines. I put in the consistent effort, so no need to treat 2-14 as “catch-up” day. A card and some flowers delivered to her office. That’s about it.


Ash Wednesday service with my wife and then some TV… I did get her a surprise box of her favorite, See’s chocolates.


This is about as corny as it gets but I just hate a random imposed day of love and romantic gestures. So my wife and I started a tradition 15 years ago. (Spolier alert for any healthy eaters or foodies out there) Every Valentine’s day we order a heart shaped pizza and hang out at home. It started after I was living in NYC and asked a local place if they would make a “heart shaped peperonni pizza”. I picked it up, open the box expecting to find a pizza crust shaped in a heart beat instead found a circular pie loaded with pepperoni all cut out in the shape of a heart! That started it all and since then we have tried to excecute that same pie from about 6-8 different pizza places but none have matched the “original”. Our tradition carries on today and has passed down to our two kids who are given Valentine’s day themed pajama’s and share the pie with us. They are 12 and 14 years old. Imho, pizza in with the family is WAY better than any fancy, overpriced dinner with mediocre food on Valentine’s day. Sorry to be the best kill for those that do. :cupid::cupid::cupid::cupid:


I will take the wife out Tuesday and go to a 12 step meeting on valentines days.