Please help a feeling anxious and craving

Day from hell courtesy of evil selfish ungrateful children. Initialised a martial regime which has helped but now at an insane 9th birthday party. Feeling super anxious because my autistic son is on the. Edge of being made fun of, and whilst he doesn’t understand I do, and just generally lots of people = panic attack for me. Husband announced as I was leaving that he’s getting me a bottle of wine to relax with tonight. He means well but honestly I don’t know I’ll have the strength to resist. Please help I feel empty, no reserves left. Running on empty and liable to cave. Please help someone :cry::cry::cry:

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You’re doing so well think how much better you feel sober don’t drink it tonight you will 100% regret it. Pick up a book instead x

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You have been so strong since u became sober… I have read your posts and you have inspired me with your positivity and strength… you can get through this day… you will get through this day and tomorrow morning you will wake proud and ready to face another day… x


Thank you so much Kelly @Kells87 . You’re absolutely right. I will !

Dear Yvonne @Persil, Kelly @Kells87 and @anon53189373 thank you all
So much for bothering to take the time to reply. I reached out because I knew no one would understand like you do, and no one would make me feel as accountable as you either! I think/hope I’m over the worst of the craving. The party’s over and we’re home, bathing the kids and winding down. My son is no worse for the experience, existing as he does in a state of blissful
Ignorance and I managed to avoid punching anyone!!! Thank you again, I can’t tell you how grateful
I am xxx

I am so glad you are feeling stronger. … well done… be proud and eat chocolate…x

Im so glad you are ok hun im only in Flintshire if you ever need anyone not far from the wirral plus im going to Birkenhead soon phoenix futures rehab. Hang in there xxxxxxxxx

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Emma - you have so much stress and cause for anxiety - and yet you have been so strong and accountable since you came here. Not only that - I see how quickly you have become an inspiration and support for others. You know that, if you drink that wine tonight, you might - might! - feel less anxious for a few minutes. My guess, though, is that the sense of failure and loss that comes from drinking when you don’t want to will cancel out any relaxation you might hope to achieve. And if you keep drinking, the inevitable physical and mental hangover will hit harder than ever in the morning.

You are a wonderful, caring, strong woman. Find another way to be good to yourself tonight. Take a long bath with candles, music and Epsom salts. Go for a walk once the little ones are asleep. Call a friend and vent - or do it here. Eat lots of ice cream. And believe in yourself enough to tell your husband not to offer you a drink.

You can do this. You will feel so good in the morning when you wake up sober. Keep fighting for yourself!

Dear @MoCatt thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much your kind words meant to me. And the thought that maybe I can help someone just as you have all helped me tonight is enough to keep me strong and sober. Now I’m off to clean my kennels - living the dream baby! :grin::roll_eyes:


Thank you so much Kelly, I’m just So grateful. And husband didn’t press the wine at all after I said no. Did some extra yoga, made a fakeaway for supper and watched miss marple because I’m a total geek. Thanks again chuck xx

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I love Miss Markle! And I’m so proud of you.:heart: