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I am trying this whole sobriety thing out. Last night was a pretty dark and embarrassing time for me and it wasn’t the first time. Everytime I drink I think some pretty dark stuff and do some really stupid stuff. Being in the marine corps where the drinking culture is all we know it’s going to very difficult to stay sober. Any thoughts or advise on how to do this?


Good on you for reaching out! That’s a great first step. Are there any meetings near you to attend? If so, that would be my advice. Go to as many meetings as you’re able. Get a sponsor. Get some phone numbers of others in recovery and then use the phone. Read the Big Book. Take the suggestions of those who have gone before you. You can do it!


What did you do before drinking? Pick up a new book to read. Get a sketch book and start drawing. When everyone goes to drink, go for a run. Find extra activities that can keep you busy and away from the drinking in the very beginning. Once you can distance yourself, the mental aspect comes easier.

Also, coming on here is a great tool. People spend hours and hours on their phones. To anyone else it will just look like you’re on social media, so you don’t have to deal with the questions at first. Use this resource heavily, the people here are great and can usually help you navigate your way to a good mental space and find a good path of sobriety



First thing to know is.that it’s ok to not drink. 1/3 of the population does not drink, and that’s quite alright. In fact, the culture of heavy drinking is really just a small percentage, less than 10%.

Obviously you can’t drink at work, so that leaves your free time. Start spending your free time doing sober activities, engage here, build a sober network, learn tools to stay sober.

There’s lots of helpful info in the threads here, spend your time looking through it!


Another idea, download Duolingo app and start learning a new language. When you start your sobriety journey, you’ll find there’s a lot of time that went unaccounted for bc it was spent on alcohol. Take advantage of that time now and learn new skills.

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I’m on a merchant seagoing vessel… same culture.

Simply by not drinking anymore.


Hi! Welcome! So I have had decent periods of sobriety in the past but recently relapsed with drinking. My faith helps me but I also force myself to reach out before I make my mind up to drink (once we make our mind up there’s no going back) I get out of my own head, go help someone, workout, etc. Reaching out on here and to a friend that understands has really helped me. EATING is also a great idea because who wants to drink on a full stomach?? Glad you’re here!


Devil Dog! I feel ya…I was one of those Squid officers that hauled y’all over the pond.

How to do it? With the same discipline that it takes that earned you the EGA.

I realised I had a drinking problem when I was serving…but I never got help…I remember the awkward conversations in my COs stateroom about drinking. Our Chaplain (a marine) even tried to get me to AA.

The peer pressure in the service is there and real. However, back then…I knew non-drinkers, I knew sober alcoholics. I just never had the courage to reach out and get help.

The most courageous thing, the bravest thing you will do…is ask for help. If that means on your personal time, you tell everyone you are going for a run…and end up at an AA meeting…then that is what you do.

If nothing else, live on here…this place saved my life.


Thank you all for the great advice and word of encouragement. I have started connecting more with my friends and family and finding new ways to fill my time. Recently anytime I even think of having a drink I’ll go to the gym or strap on a weight vest and go for a run to “punish” myself for those thoughts. So really thank you all, I’m so glad I found such a great community!


Try as much as you can not being alone and share with a good friend this dark thoughts :pray:t4: