Poem called I forgive thee

I forgive thee… By Elizabeth Barrett Massey
I’m sitting here empty and hollow inside, hoping and wishing my soul would just die, with all this build-up guilt and shame, how dare I try to point the blame, all I want is for the hurt and pain to fade away, or something to help guide me to find my way, my heart is completely full of Sorrow, that leaves me with a hopeless tomorrow, all these actions lead me down my road of mistakes, surrounding me with a reality that was nothing but fake, broken beaten confused and lost, this life I was living has severely cost, I thought I had everything under control, to finally realize I was falling down a black hole, hiding behind the mask of dope, taking every chance I have for hope, my demons chase me down this dark path, where at the end I’ll deal with the devil’s Wrath, I’m still alive how can this be, to hear God answer I forgive thee!!


Welcome @Elizabeth_Jean. And thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been all up and down that poem.

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I can relate !! Good poem :yum: