Poke the Bear

Is it possible some ppl are in our lives only for a season to do all they can to break us down and destroy our success and happiness? :broken_heart:


Over a year ago I met the man who introduced me to heroin. He’s gone now and I’ll I’m left with is an addiction and 15 days clean. Everything else gone and living with my parents starting over. So yes…

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I feel that toxic, sometimes malignant, people are just part of our life and distancing ourselves is best. Regardless of how or why they got near us, we don’t need their crap.


Dam that’s deep! :raised_hands: Thank you so much for sharing that I really need to know this can get like that. I’m so sorry
this happened to you😔 I probably was so close to that point. Know that your next chapter will be uplifting and plentiful. You’ll have a strong solid foundation and it will get better

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Right! Like that noise. Why are any of us obligated to something not good for us

I say yes that’s possible but there are also people that come into our lives to help us become better people. I hope you find that person that will make a difference in your life for the good

When I went to the hospital 16 days ago the Dr told me at the rate I was going I would have been dead in a month . I was dehydrated and 99 lbs.

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