Pornography.. my Silent depression inducer

I am 22.
I have been a porn addict since I was 11… and I am still, I think I have lost all the values of life and normal sex by now, all I think about is porn, and more porn.
I live in a country where sex is forbidden before marriage, and I belief in christianity which forbid it too.

Every time I masturbate or watch some porn, I live the whole next 24 hrs in depression and mind confusion, and so much less activity…

Any help to start a new life after 50% of my life gone in this way?.. I haven’t spent more than 10 days without porn or masturbation.

Recently I got inflammations in my prostate.
Any help?




Hi @Mounir. Welcome. I’m a porn addict too. Thanks for sharing. I know how you feel. I know how hard it is to stop, and the shame that comes every time I let myself down.

Stick with this. Learning from all the other addicts here, we have to not only work on abstaining, but we have to start incorporating a whole new way of living. One that encourages daily discipline of checking in with our support system every day, whether that is online or face to face. We learn to make new friends. We learn to love ourselves. We learn to mend the broken relationships between ourselves, our families,and God. And we learn to cope with life using positive behaviors instead of our addictions. Easier said than done though, I admit.

But it’s so possible and so worth it. For now, just focus on today. That’s all we have. Don’t act out sexually today. Plug into this community. Learn from others and share your insight. Offering support to others is a great way to motivate yourself to make better decisions. You can do this @Mounir. We believe in you!

Glad you could join us! :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:
Your reply motivated me greatly…
Now it’s my 3rd day without porn…
Hope for more and more


Yeah! There you go! You got a great start already! Congratulations on the 3 days! Let’s go for another. You got this!


same situation here buddy…now,I want to quit this addiction…I joined this group and thingss r getting better…u know what,I passed 10 days without porn or masterbation…so,keep in touch…we can overcome this… @mounir oh last thing,let me know what’s ur present condition now…u posted this a while ago…


Welcome @monta @KevinesKay have some good advice and it’s true. Just take it moment by moment,find out what your triggers are,and most importantly I think,find other things to do. If you don’t,then it’ll be so easy to fall right back in. So find some hobbies or just get up and go walk around the block or ride a bike,go eat some ice cream and stay at the ice cream shop to eat it,don’t bring it home,lol. These are just examples,but I hope u get my point.

@Mounir how’s your jouney going? I’m a Christian and I know how depressed I’ve felt after watching porn and/or masturbating. The devil wants us to think there’s no hope and we don’t deserve to live healthy lives,but Jesus died so we could have abundant, healthy lives! We can’t do it alone,but Jesus is here to help, and sober time community helps too!


I am actually still straggling from time to time. But now I am 11 days sober which is the highest record in the last 3 months @Victorious @monta

I think I am fighting with all my powers but I am really very very afraid of losing this time…


I’m glad you’re still here in the fight. What do you do when you feel like giving in? If your replacement activities aren’t working,maybe try something new. Do you exercise?

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keep check in this community time to time…share your progress everyday with screeshot if necessary… I am doing this…it really helps…I am using this app for exact 24 days now…my stats: only 1 relapse after 19 days…so,almost 1 month of sobreity with only 1 relapse!!!I wish,u can do this too…god bless u…@Mounir

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Hey @Mounir you are not alone. This is my 5th day without porn and masturbating in a while. Finding this app and being part of this community has helped.

Try to get busy, go out more. Keep your mind busy. Also find out what ur triggers are. I discovered that when I visit a particular site, I end up viewing a pornographic site and then I masturbate.


Great advice @Aceveteran, it’s really great to identify your triggers. You can have all the good intentions and then a trigger comes and messes with your head. So identify the triggers @Mounir and everyone else, and find other things to do so that you’ll be busy or have other options. Like if u watch porn in your room on a laptop,try to only use your laptop outside of your room… little stuff can make a difference


I got 21 days, is not an easy road, there’s temptation everywhere, and even tougher when u wanna quit, it seems like the universe is going to make your addiction, worse if u try to leave it, I’m here because of alcohol and weed, I used those two things to help with my sex addiction, now I’m a quitting cold turkey, all my bad habits, just take it one day at a time, I been addictited for about 22 years, they say that quitting pornography is like quitting heroin, so your phisical body will want it as much as It can get it, just make sure to get rid off all your triggers, I stay away from anything that will tept me to return to addiction


Congrats on making 21 days. So right now you’re going cold turkey on sex addiction, weed, and alcohol? Or is it weed and alcohol? @Ignatius might be able to help. If I remember correctly he was addicted to alcohol before sex,or is it vice versa. I hope I haven’t mixed things up Iggy. :confused:

Alcohol then porn! You got it right!

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