Positive flashes vs. reality

So I am over 3 months sober. After last relaps I managed my new beginning surprisingly well. But now these positive memory flashes are coming, picturing me moment which looks like I actually enjoyed drinking. It gives me feeling like I miss alcohol, like I want these moments back, like I miss these parts of my old life.
I realised that to be fightining these memories, trying to put them behind and resist, doesn’t work for me.
What works is to think further. Rather than trying forget the memory I fully open it. I let it continue because at the end of my every drinking story I get to see myself being drunk and doing something stupid. Or blackout. To get whole picture of my memory, not only the “good” part shows me how can our own brain cheat on us.
All of those memories and alcohol positive feelings are fakes. Like when you film something and then you put things out of context so they look different that what whole story previously was.
Hope this will help to somebody realise what temptation really is. Just crooped bas**rd.


Yep, playing the tape to the end is a really important thing to learn! Great work :dancing_women::pray::sparkling_heart:


I was going to say that refers to " playing the tape through" but @siand got that first.:joy:
It’s a good thing to have in the toolbox, because the addict part of our brain is going to keep trying to get us to drink.
Well done Jana, keep approaching this with thi attitude and willingness to learn and you should be well on the way.:hugs: