Post photos of your pets!


I had a cat that like to play fetch…it would run to you when you called it. I called it Putten…part puppy part kitten…


Aww, that’s awesome! My cats growing up were farm cats. Both Smokey and my other cat Whiskey would climb up trees and get into our 2nd floor bedroom window to get in and out of the house. My sister was shocked when Whiskey came up and in one night with a rabbit as a gift for her…:joy::rofl::joy:


My own first cat, he played fetch with milk bottle rings with me lol


Some cats are cool.


And others are complete drama queens


My old girl is. She would get along great with your boy! Haha. She requires that I stand in the bathroom and watch her eat until she’s done or she refuses lol


Have you watched sad cat diaries? have to if you haven’t


No, I need to look that up!


Lazy couch wrestling.


He think he’s a model…


To all the people posting pictures of your cats, bless your beautiful souls.


I got way to many. I spend way too much time cleaning litter boxes…


Here’s a pile of cats


Looks like heaven to me :heart_eyes:


How are you ?


Better than before. Still got cravings and it’s 2am and can’t sleep :disappointed_relieved:. Trying to accept my feels though and not be controlled by them, you?


Better today. We just got ti ride to out.


Here’s my baby, Maleficent. She’s the runt. I do rescue, so some are just visiting but this girl is staying.


I don’t get to post many pics of my big guy. Let’s be real, he’s getting old and just not as silly as the little girl.
I took this hunk in 6 years ago. A girl I went to beauty school with had adopted him, and realized she couldn’t afford to take care of him as a single mom, because he has issues.
I spent thousands of dollars, and close to a year working with vets, and eventually had to find him a doggy dermatologist ($$$). Worth every penny. He is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. His weird skin disease (ichtyosis) is unfixable, but managed by me with lots of extra care, a few meds, and lots of love and cuddles.


The best of friends, though.