Post photos of your pets!


:joy::rofl: that’s how you get it in


That kitten is getting bigger… :heart_eyes:


He’s the heifer of the litter. The first to eat solid food. Definitely the biggest of the hunch. Either gonna keep him, or black sheep. Toss up so far. We call him Splotch for now, or Heifer lol


We helped a cute orange cat for a weekend before we rehomed him the weekend before I found out about the pregnancy. We named him Gavin, like from Bush. Orange kitties are so cute.


So cuuute.

The cats cute too. Looks like a lil feller


Im sure he is much bigger now. That was in very early Sept. And his new family changed his name to something stupid like orangecicle or something.



Oh, shut up, they are so very adorable. Adorable overload.





Not sure if it’s just the angle of the camera, but your dog looks like one of mine. The back left…

Cute dogs :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


This just made my day!!! Lmao


Mommy, I need new toys. I done chewed all of mine to death.


She’s a handful. I couldn’t have as many as you have, especially if they were all like her. :joy:



The weather here went from cold to hot with little transition. This is adorable. It’s like, too hot to touch, but the cat will lay in front of the fan with me and execute the bare minimum of touching. My daughter does the same thing. It could be hot AF and she still wants to hold hot, sweaty hands. Smh.


That is one contented looking cat!!


Oh cute :upside_down_face::heart_eyes::smile::smile:


Can I come over and be at the bottom of that doggy pile?


Absolutely!!! You’re guaranteed to sleep like a baby after a day with these knuckleheads :joy: