Post photos of your pets!



Wow he looks pissed!


My guy :grin:


He is a handsome man :grinning:
Live his blue eyes. My cats have blue eyes :eyes:


Is it a maine coon? I had one. He was a very friendly giant. He died of old age at 19.
And your smiling dog is so funny :joy:


My only mate Doug and his little pal Willow


She is always angry with the photos :rofl:


My girl Prissy. She is definitely a female as she likes shiny things and never know if she will bite or lick ya!


My cat blanket. Love her to bits always makes me smile :grin:


My pit bull and boxer mix, Hope she’s such a sweet girl.


That’s a happy face right there


my fluffiness yard.


I really miss this cat. There will never be another like Kramer!


my boys are my foundation


Leroy. This little guy brings me so much joy.



my spoil sheep wants to be in the chickens coop to eat their food :wink:


what breed are they??


The white is a husky, my other is bordercollie/blueheeler


I have smashed your donuts fat man !