Post photos of your pets!



My non-furry pets!


80lbs of “nope”. Sometimes he begs for baths, because of his skin hurting. Other times, like today, he rolls in poop and wants to remain smelly. I won this battle today. :joy:


I feel like there are so many wrong things I could say… But you guys just enjoy the cute and I will keep my dirty jokes to myself.


Lol thanks to you, I am now only thinking dirty things. :expressionless:


He’s so fucking cute! I could nibble those ears!


Is your cat ready to be your birthing coach? Looks like he’s ready to get into a catcher’s position.


A dog and his ball.


Martin in the bay window. If i don’t leave the blinds partially open he screams at the top of his lungs. The bay window has become his own room


He looks pretty content


Once in awhile he is, he could be described as high maitenance.


So could I, sometimes. 🤷


Probably, if we were all honest…we could all be described as that.


Martin ! Fluffycats



The tux is so shiny!


They just got spayed and neutered. They are very tired.


They’re adorable


Thank you. I have a funny picture for you but it’s on my husband’s phone. I’ll tag you laat. How’s it going ?


Pretty alright, had a really emotional day today, but in a good way. At a meeting rn