Post photos of your pets!


Bunny cuddles :sparkling_heart::rabbit:


Thank you@(: :hearts:


Bob is beautiful!


I so want a bunny!!! Although my husband has pointed out that our cat might not love a bunny sister/brother.


My bunnies play together with my dogs (well… they are small dogs lol). This is the mom bunny with Sashi and the dad rabbit with my Flo


Oh my God! I could eat them up!!!


Max earlier

Max now


Omg are those all yours? They are all so sweet :heart:


For now lol. We’re keeping 1 of the orange ones and shuttling the rest away.


Tummy whore. That should have been her name.


If you’re in Southern California you can pick up one (or 2!) of their babies for free. I still have 8 left! Their taking over my house and my hubby is allergic and going nuts :open_mouth: (They’re about 1,55 and 2,5 months old). :sparkling_heart::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:




Wittle bunny


Sleepy Max, can’t even find the energy to get on the pillow


This is Seymour. He’s my pup. His glasses make him 10x smarter and almost make him look hooman.
(Ps.he is a little hooman)
The end


Aaaand… He finally found the pillow

Hiking is hard work.


Too cute! Although I don’t know if my cat will be a good brother…


She’s so pretty


Headed home


I wanna live my next life as a dog…:wink: