Post photos of your pets!


I’m out of likes, but I always like being at a meeting



Why are orange cats just so very cool? They really are.


He’s currently asleep on the end of my bed and purring. He’s a great family cat who is very affectionate.

His brother is down stairs probably sacrificing things to a dark god… But then he’s an aloof black cat who humans are beneath. He does contempt amazingly.

Anyway, best I copy the ginger fluff ball and try and get some sleep myself.




Omgeez the single one on the arm of the couch :cat::cat:


This one is for you @keoH
This is Maynard.


:heart_eyes: So adorable


So cute! I thought our cat was the only one who laid on his back like that!




Mmmmm flowers


Bluebie. Post neuter…


I want bluebie!! You need to road trip that cutie to Michigan!


Amos wants me to play fetch. He’s peeved.


I love gray cats. I had two, Owen and Jake, RIP.

The only picture I can find of Jake is one where he’s licking beer out of a mug. I thought that might be a trigger, so I won’t post that.


Amos decided to he my hair stylist this morning.


He is the cutest cat ever!! Also, nice guitar!


I swear im my next life I want to come back as a cat

What? You wanted to study mom?


Thanks! We have well over 40 instruments in our place. A few are mine. Most are my husband’s. We even have bagpipes, an oud, a sitar, a lap harp, a pan flute, a bodhran, and a bozouki. You name it? We’ve probably got it. Lol.