Post photos of your pets!


someone wanted some attention when I got out of the shower apparently lmao!


Looks like a K9 Krav Maga class. You getting ready to do a naked toe-lock choke on him?


My kitty sleeping with my niece yesterday. She laid down for a nap and he climbed right onto her arm and cuddled up. He never does that to anyone but me, this special girl is plucked out of my own heart!


my girlfriend’s cat with coffee this morning


The most vicious of pit bulls. This is Winston and his favorite dryer ball.


The Mack Daddy




This is Lola, I’ve had her for about 7 years, she was a rescue :blush:


Mikey sitting in his new throne. If it fits it sits haha


:rofl: this dog made laugh.


He makes me laugh every day lol


The rescued dogs are the best. I still remember my dog. She died but she was really faithful and loving. Thanks for sharing. I love dogs!!! :dog2:


An interesting guy :smiley:


She has been the best dog, we all love her so much :blush:

I’m sorry about your loss, it sounds like she was really amazing and you were lucky to have her :hibiscus:


Just got home from a weekend visiting family. Amos has decided to attach himself to my shoulder. It looks like I have cat ears coming out of my head.


I’m staying with my aunt in California and her dog Moose has been attached to my side and has slept with me every night I have been here. I believe he is my quiet angel and he knows I’m a little broken right now. Every time I grab his squishy face and look in his eyes he looked right back and gently rubs my face with his nose. He can read me like a book

lol so grateful for him right now


So. Fucking. Cute. Animals are amazing. They’re better people than I’ll ever be! They just seem to know, don’t they?


So much truth


Yes they do know even when I dont…my aunt will ask me if I’m having a hard day and then tells me moose hasn’t left my side. Lol and I’ll realize that yes I was struggling on the inside. I’ve always loved animals and have been a dog groomer for 7 years…i tend to like them more than most humans! And when I’m having night terrors…ill here Moosey snore and hear his lips flap and always it makes me smile And I feel better. They way animals affect people can be so magical!!


Anyone ever try to desperately repair your loosest running bra so you can use it for a nursing bra till you can logically shop for one with a cat helping you?