Post photos of your pets!


Yes! Her name was Trufa and helped all my family. Enjoy your pet!! Pets are another blessing from God


My furbaby is the BEST cuddler ever! So love this dog.


well. Tearing the couch apart is clearly exhausting.



OMG!! That’s the cutest double trouble pair I’ve ever seen!!! :revolving_hearts:


My goodness…i would love to be in the mode of that cuddle pile!!! :revolving_hearts:


Claws out all the time. Lil monsters. We’ve given 2 to friends already. Only keeping mama and 1 of the orange ones.


She’s the best to snuggle with.


I’ve already reached my maximum number of likes for the day. Rude! I would eat her nose right up!! And those eyes! :heart_eyes:


She would let you, she’s a sweetheart!


Yup, whole entire couch and rest of the house is free…this is where he has to sit. :rofl: For as hyper as this dog is, I’m shocked at what an amazing little lovey cuddler he is!! So thankful for this dog.


I love spotty dogs.


So… Does this tummy whore look pregnant to you?


Uh oh. No wonder she was feeling so maternal and in love with your belly!


I had no idea. I am still not sure. I have never seen a pregnant cat.


What makes you think she’s pregnant? How’s Chalmer doing??


Gotta love that math. You take in one cat and end up with 8.


My pet grooming friend brought who brought the icecream over the other day commented on it. Then Dr Google said some stuff which is why I included the nipple shot. She adopted us about a month ago and has been am indoor kitty since then, so she couldn’t have gotten knocked up after that. I had just been thinking she was acting odd and that she had the most protrusive kitty nipples I had ever seen.


And I just knew taking in a cat when I was 37 weeks myself was a bad idea. Now my apt will be dripping with infant entities.


Ahhh. So your family is about to get a lot bigger? How long do cats gestate?