Post photos of your pets!


Lmao I was trying to reply to the first post but it didn’t work out like that. But they are all adorable <3


This is Macchiato, also known as Monkey. She is polydactyl, so she has extra toes.


Hooray for more animals to look at!



I have things to do today, but I kinda want to get in on this cuddle.


Cute. I would like to know what he is thinking


Jack the miniature Yorkie / Tea Cup terrier. He’s only 3 months old. My friend’s new puppy.


My Dad’s greyhound Kelly. A boy but named after his mum so I’m guessing he’s a bit confused, but loved.


I Planted a seed for my cat Fufu. He may get it one day :wink: Attraction rather than promotion :heart_eyes_cat:


baby Oreo my biggest support


What a perfect name for a beautiful dog!


Adorable !!


Omg. My memories today from 1 year ago…sooooo cute!


Little buddy zonked out after getting ruffed up by mama.




Haha awww. I always feel so bad yet simultaneously can’t help but laugh :joy:

Needless to say, he gets spoiled when the “cone of shame” is on!

This was a picture when he was a pup. He’s 1 now.


I used to be a cat person my whole life. This little dog came in to my life because my daughter really wanted a pet. And guess what? I fell in love with her , after my dads dead she’s been my emotional support and biggest company.


I always say that. She is always in her tank looking at us, or just hanging upside down for hours. Haha they are awesome!


Tony :heart: