Post photos of your pets!


And Colleen will make you keep them all in


Oh, and Chalmer is just fine. He lived through the pediatrician. Like the Hulk or something, it took myself and 2 other people to hold him down to draw blood for his newborn screening.


Google says 63 days give or take.


About 2 months. So, you’ll soon know! I can’t tell either but it’s a real possibility


Yowzers, that’s one strong little man! I’m glad the check up went well, and he got a clean bill of health. Has the breast feeding gotten better?


Huh. I’ll be fascinated to find out if she’s pregnant. Maybe the cat knew it was pregnant but didn’t think the father could handle it. So she adopted you and Colleen because she recognized a strong female household.


He did. He has been heavily scrutinized and nothing could be found wrong with him. I will bring him back in a week to be weighed on the same scale to make everyone feel better about his weight gain. The breadtfeeding is going much better now that the holiday weekend ended. Lactation consultants all around me can’t wait to help. The one at the Dr told me there is a feeding and diaper counting app when I was telling her it is hard to remember and I wish there was some phone feature to journal. Anyhow, between her, WIC’s lactation consultant that worked with me Tuesday, and La Leche League inviting me to their meetings I think I am more than supported.


Hooray for boobies!


Hobbit looking feet


someone loves his new throw toy…getting him to give it back is a challenge. He would rather roll down the hill with it lol


He grabbed my hand, pulled it into him and hugged me when I went to get into my bed. He took over my spot lol.


I’m pretty sure thats Just a random roadkill that you threw on the couch to fool us :joy: or a really cool cat having a nap


That’s my lil buddy! Lol he does look full in taxidermied


He’s so cute. I have been looking at Schnauzers all day as I want one so bad. Too cute :heart_eyes:


I hope that this worked. This is the first attempt I’ve made at uploading photos here. If not, sorry! These are my lovely fur kids.



Awww! What a lover!


Oh my GOD they are the cutest!


Lmao I was trying to reply to the first post but it didn’t work out like that. But they are all adorable <3


This is Macchiato, also known as Monkey. She is polydactyl, so she has extra toes.