Post photos of your pets!


Hooray for more animals to look at!



I have things to do today, but I kinda want to get in on this cuddle.


Cute. I would like to know what he is thinking


Jack the miniature Yorkie / Tea Cup terrier. He’s only 3 months old. My friend’s new puppy.


My Dad’s greyhound Kelly. A boy but named after his mum so I’m guessing he’s a bit confused, but loved.


I Planted a seed for my cat Fufu. He may get it one day :wink: Attraction rather than promotion :heart_eyes_cat:


baby Oreo my biggest support


What a perfect name for a beautiful dog!


Adorable !!


Omg. My memories today from 1 year ago…sooooo cute!


Little buddy zonked out after getting ruffed up by mama.



.I’m a cat fan but that dog wins the ‘I’m the cutest animal in the world’ award



This is my two when they were kittens. They’re brothers. Ginger is a real friendly family cat with a purr like a tractor. He follows us from room to room. The black one is… A cat. He’s got contempt and disdain to the core… Unless he wants dreamies, in which case he’ll roll over and try and pretend to be cute. Way, way too clever that one… He even figured out the timer mechanism on his food and opened it.


Cute dog too ! :joy:
My dog has the 'cone of shame’at the minute


Haha awww. I always feel so bad yet simultaneously can’t help but laugh :joy:

Needless to say, he gets spoiled when the “cone of shame” is on!

This was a picture when he was a pup. He’s 1 now.


I used to be a cat person my whole life. This little dog came in to my life because my daughter really wanted a pet. And guess what? I fell in love with her , after my dads dead she’s been my emotional support and biggest company.


I always say that. She is always in her tank looking at us, or just hanging upside down for hours. Haha they are awesome!