Post photos of your pets!


I’ve always wanted chickens! They are adorable.

I love how @MandiH knew what kind they are. I am completely clueless. :joy:


I had a chicken last year that adopted us. Then I decided I wanted some chickens, this year I was setting up a real operation since I was sober but decided I won’t be able to feed myself soon, let alone chickens lol. Baby steps this year!


That’s awesome. They seem to have a lot more personality than I thought they would.


They do, they are adorable! I originally intended to have both meat and egg birds. Not sure how I’ll feel about that in the end, so I’ll give it another year and keep sorting myself out! Lol


:joy: my plan was meat, but I’m a sap. I stopped vet med school for a reason. :rofl:


I know, I’m a lover in the end though, not sure I could do it! But I do eat meat so if I’m going to continue with that, the theory is I would rather raise it myself with love and thank it for its purpose. We shall see next year which way I go with that lol.


They are easier than the 3 dogs I have. Lol my family is a bunch of vegetarians. I watch way to many documentaries. Soon I won’t be eating at all!! Ahh!! This getting sober has put my life in a totally new direction :wink:


If you set up your coop well chickens are a very easy pet. :+1:


I only eat chicken and fish. Working my way to vegitarian. I love the recipes in the “Thug kitchen” cookbooks, though. You should look into them, unless you are offended by profanity. :joy:


Percy :heart:


Haha would not be offended at all. Thanks ill check it out.


Beautiful picture.


While I may not miss my ex at all, I sure do miss these lil puppers. C.C (the black one) and Rizzo.


My nephews dogs whiskey and foxtrot (tango is with my niece lol) true to their names whiskey is the wild one bouncing off the walls that wont sit the hell down for the picture and foxtrot could give a fuck less lol



Chief the Boston Terrier has been my best friend for about 2.5 years now. Drove out to rural upstate New York to get him as a pup at 10 weeks old back in 2016.

Always there for me. Always happy to see me. Cuddled up against me at this very moment, actually…snoring away like a tiny, hairy tractor. Smart as a whip and always wants to make new friends and play. I’m thankful every day that I have this little guy in my life.

My girlfriend also has a Boston Terrier, and now that we live together, she’s become my dog too and Chief’s #1 partner in crime.



My cats being photo-bombed!


Lol, Saoirse could barely get on her back because her tummy is so heavy now. She is committed to be a tummy whore though. Her due date as I have inexpertly calculated it is on Monday. Kittens could come at any time!