Post photos of your pets!



Escargot? …


Yes. An African Land Snail. I think it’s illegal to have them as pets in the US but allowed in the UK. He is beautiful! Unfortunately I named him Sloe, as in Sloe Gin. Prior to giving up alcohol.


Those are delish with garlic and butter :yum: you should have posted this in the foodies


Ha ha. Not my baby snail! :joy:


I’m pretty sure that our mindset of “we’re a melting-pot nation of immigrants” has bled over into how we handle non-native species of animals we keep as pets, here in the US. That’s why we have Asian snakehead fish in our ponds. Nutria in our rivers, monkeys, and anacondas in our everglades…

Probably best that we ban the giant cheese-eating snails.


My favorite pet haha. He gets all the love, temperamental lil guy.


Years ago, when I married my first husband he had two Doberman Pinschers named Vodka & Tonic…


Bet it was fun calling them back in the park :joy:


If Don Vito were a dog… lol


…whatcha cookin there?


I went to high school with Bam.


My three best friends who always listen



My cat just stares at me like I’m an idiot lol


What the hell. I think someone is looking for a nest.

Tummy Whore in a pillowcase and still in there fighting nothing even though I showed her the way out…


You know why right? :joy: My cat sits in constant judgment of me. And never offers to help around the house.


All I tell the cat is “takes one to know one” lol


I take her for Hikes and sit at the park as a way to escape my days off being at home. Or wanting to go out with work friend s


Lionel has a fascination with my soda water


I love me some fluffy kitties! He pretty.