Post photos of your pets!


On a hike with my little girl!


Nell was so excited when I got home yesterday.


Lazy Sunday morning.


My favorite company


Ying Yang kittens. When they aren’t climbing the drapes, chewing electrical cords or drinking milk they actually nap.


Bark! Bark! Bark!


I have 3 dogs, a grand dog, and 2 cats… This is Svetlana aka Littles or little dog. She is my favorite. I definitely don’t tell the others though :joy:


So home after a long day at work to find 2 of our lambs have been abandoned by mummy baa baa with mastitis.
Lionel is quite taken with them and hasnt left their side since we brought them inside to feed them and clean them up.
He just had to be involved and clean the milk off them and lick their noses to make sure they were wet :heart: #cooniesarethebest #mainecoon #favouritefurbaby


I so love Bullies :heart:


So I did a poo on your flip flops…what’s the problem?


Eek, soooo cute!!! Is he from Maine?


Getting them to sit still is a task. I’ve become a professional Boston Terrier wrangler.


14 hours in sober ! Finding pure pleasure in watching my dog suntan right now. Shhhhh dont tell her that I know she thinks I’m crazy😀


Do geese count? We have two geese families that just made themselves right at home on our pond (22 total).


one between my legs, one on my arm. Dog mom life at it’s best.



There are these geese terrorising and shitting all over where I run…Haven’t yet decided if they are my friends or enemies…


Well I definitely wouldn’t describe mine as being warm & friendly, but we’re getting to know each other :smile: Your friend looks a bit lonely though, happy to drop off 22 more friends to keep him company :duck::poop::poop:


:)…the reality though is that there’s like an army of those damn birds…I’m talking like hundreds of them…yesterday I had to try and avoid them with all the little baby geese wíth them and the big ass momma geese acting all tough and giving me the evil eye and the middle finger…The run at that point becomes more of a run for survival…and I’m not sure that I can outrun an angry goose army


Can’t out run a mad momma anything :joy: but you can give her the middle feather back :grin: