Post photos of your pets!


I run through this lovely road that is at the seashore and there’s big fields of grass and people would love to hangout and do picnic etc in there, but the geese have invaded the whole freaking place…they actually have tried building these stupid fences and all to keep the geese away :wink:


That is a shame. They’re bound to fly south…in a month or two…keep running… Sounds beautiful! Just rinse your sneakers/trainers afterward & leave them outside to dry :smile:


I got chased by a goose when I was like 5 years old. I’ve been terrified of them ever since. They’re assholes.


Might have to start a new thread “Geese are assholes, experiences with these winged devils” :wink:


I was attacked by a goose when I was little. :joy: total jerks.


My daughters birthday present this week. Not going to lie, I’m already a little bit too attached to the little fuzzball


Sleepy Mallory


Geese are evil motherfuckers.


Hi, sorry for my late reply. Lionel is from a breeder in Australia, but his parents are from North American stock. So he is lineage is Maine or there about

This is his best “Love me Human, give me lots of cuddles and treats” look


He is still only a baby, he just turned 8 months old last week. He currenly weighs 6.5kg and gaining daily :open_mouth:


Omg…soooo cute!!! Does he chirp? I love the noises my cook cat makes. Mine is super long and weighs about 24 lbs the last time we checked. Good name, Lionel is adorable!


Lol, yes he does Chirp, it is just the sweetest sound. He talks to me and answers my questions, just too cute :heart: I picked his name for 2 reasons, his daddy looks like a lion so I just adjusted the name, and all of my animals have human names lol I have Jeffery, Trevor, Hugo, Murray and Molly also
24 pounds is a great weight, How old is he/she?


He’s around 5, I rescued him because the owners were going to kill him if he wasn’t gone in 24 hours and the shelter was full. No way I could say no to that handsome face!


Its so sad that people do this to animals, its a commitment for life. You dont get rid of your children because they dont suit your life, so why get rid of the animals…so so sad.
Good on you for adopting him, I bet he loves you even more for giving him a chance to be loved.
He should continue to grow until he is 8yrs old…same with Coonies


Do you have a picture of him that I could see?


I know, I literally just told someone the other day I really think I would choose losing everything I ever owned or built up in life over my dog and my animals. And this is a real possibility too for me at this time! I really love my furbabies.


my kitty


Oh so pretty. He has lovely eyes :heart_eyes: Sorry to hear that losing everything atm could be a possibility, but really happy to hear that you have your animals best interests in the forfront of your decision making


No matter what, we figure it out together between me and my tribe. No man gets left behind! Well, I mean, maybe a man…but nobody else lol


Hahaha…love it, yes so so true. Relationship unfortunately can come and go, but furkids are forever :heart: