Post photos of your pets!


Pretty Close :joy:


My handsome young man Tony


Now this is probably my favorite thread!


These are my 4 boys, Yoda (black and white), Jango (red and white), Chewy (brown and white), and Joey the Siamese :grinning::heart_eyes:


Siamees :heart:
My Lola and Sophie


Mr. Handsome-Face


My sweet pup Hudson



Tina, the cat and Ace


These Kittens Brad And Janet and Meatball play together and it’s destructive I love it!
The other day I opened the fridge and Brad was on the bottom shelf.
The roommate who’s cat this is is rather oblivious…


He once got out of the yard and I was chasing him down a city street at night yelling bad meatball bad meatball!
Barefoot of course, he ran into a motorcycle club next door.


Christmas Kitty


got this in a frame that says “be the person your dog thinks you are” & it’s such motivation. :slight_smile:




proof that they sit and stay. :joy: the little one is wild, I tell ya.


Beulah. My old rescue cat.




Oh wow, he is one laid back kitty!


My little girl :heart:


Omg!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:. Cutest puppy ever.