Post photos of your pets!




Very cute :grinning::ok_hand:


Very Nice too :grinning:


This is Oishii. He was mine and my ex girlfriends dog but after we split up she took him with her back to Russia. He has a much better life there and hopefully has the best life he truly deserves.




You have 7 dogs?


She is a lab/short hair mix we were told:-)


He is beautiful!! I’m sure you miss him like crazy.


These are my doggos…
Vegeta, Bulma, and Saran Wrap


There’s 6 in this photo, one is my grandpuppy. I do have 5 tho :speak_no_evil:


Wendy and Baxter :dog:


I could see the lab. But couldn’t quite tell if there was anything else there :grin:


I am recently, yes. I think shes back in prague now without him so I’m thinking of his wellbeing


Not my pet obviously but great story


MY adventure buddies! My saving graces.


Are they huskys or malamutes?


Mika is Husky, Sitka is an Alaskan Malamute, and then Oakley is the Toy mini Aussie.


Had some fun while I took the christmas tree down :rofl:


Wow, incredible photos of your pups!